Reasons to Choose PWA for Your eCommerce Business

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The process for installing and using an app on your smartphone is simple. You find the app in the app store, download it, and install it on your device and your app is ready to use. Now here is the most crucial and dramatic part arrives when the app needs to grab the attention of the human because the impression span of the human is worse than the goldfish and a few minutes are enough to kill your app. 

The customer will easily uninstall the app without giving a second thought to the app. Every extra step that is added between the user’s first contact with the app actually starts using the app. So how do you remove these unnecessary steps? 

The answer is going with the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). A PWA has the potential to reduce the not required installing stages and let the users start the app straight away. PWA is the best for both websites and mobile apps. A progressive web app has the characteristics of a mobile app to improve the user retention, benefits, and performance of your app. 

For making your eCommerce website and mobile bespoke, you can definitely approach the progressive web apps. There are many platforms and technologies available in the market that use to build customer-centric mobile apps and PWAs are the ones who can do a better job. Let’s see the benefits of progressive web apps for eCommerce platforms.

Reasons to Choose PWA for Your eCommerce Business

Easy to Use

If an app goes through the complex process of finding the app, download it, or install it, there are chances that the app will lose 1 out of 5 of its users. As the app started the development, quick reach to its final destination & and easy navigation or access to a website or mobile app makes the user experience better. PWAs allows the user to search the app in the web browser itself and immediately start using it. PWA help in fostering the conversion rate because they are much faster to load.

Swift Development

There is no doubt that developing a PWA is easy as compared to develop a native app. Google has made sure that app developers can easily rewrite the codes and allow them to repeat the same codes and modules. 

If you are an eCommerce business owner who is actively looking for developing customized native apps as soon as possible, then PWA is suitable for you. Progressive web apps are faster, cheaper, more comfortable to develop than native apps.

Reduce Gap Between Business & customer

When you develop a progressive web app, your users won’t be required to download the app. Therefore it less the cognitive load that users regularly experience while going through the procedure of downloading the app. Users do not love to download and install the app as their devices are already packed with the apps and make it slower. So the businesses can develop progressive web apps that reduce the gap between the business and customers.


One of the best benefits of a progressive web app is that it is fast and responsive. Users do not have time to wait to load the app. If your website does not respond, there is no secret behind why people leave a website within 3 seconds. The main benefit of a PWA is it even works in poor internet conditions where the native app eventually fails. Progressive web apps operate fasters and give the best experience to its users. 

Automatic Updates

The automatic updates in a PWA work like a simple website update where all the process of updates take place at the server end and this will permit the users to always have an updated web app. By selecting the progressive wen app, you can reduce your dependency on the app stores and the uncertain terms and conditions. A progressive web app is something that can be worked on web browsers to improve its visibility. 


Progressive web apps are the upcoming new thing in the eCommerce world that bring innovative changes and if you do not own a PWA right now, we are sorry to say that you will definitely miss the opportunity to connect with your customers. Since the introduction of progressive web apps, there are many companies who are already started leveraging the benefits of it. 

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