What is A/B Testing & How Does it Work


In the cut-throat competition of the mobile app world, it is becoming essential to figure out how to develop your mobile app and your advertising efforts. Even small changes in your mobile apps can significantly affect transformation rates, so it is important to test what works or not. This A/B testing can be considered as a basic practice for all app advertisers as it delivers lucidity on how your app can be enhanced. The number of opportunities you deliver is directly proportional to the number of visitors visit to the website. 

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing i.e, frequently referred to as a bucket testing or split testing is a method for highlighting two choices and examining results. Mobile app developers utilize it to compare, test, and break down pretty much anything. 

As of late mobile apps, it is frequently connected with the websites. A/B testing is basically used to alter the enhancement rate. Many app development companies are continuously upgrading their landing page and improving the ROI through the assistance of A/B testing. 

How Does it Work?

Every testing start with the theory of app development. The exemplary case of this may be Red Vs Green buttons or Join Vs Register connections. When the aim and the options for the test are resolved, the analyzer begins driving the clients and visitors to the pages. 

The client traffic is dispersed between the control rendition & different variations. The participation of the visitors should be constant in the testing. If one variation performs fundamentally superior to the others, it tends to be considered as a winner and needs to be applied. 

Method of A/B testing


Whatever you are trying to attempt and achieve, decide your goals. In this perfect world, A/B testing for the android and iOS apps will help you to tackle the issue with your app and drive your business towards the progress. The direct connection of the website or app team to the end users can diminish the concern of missing collected data. 

Decide your Variant

After completing your research, you need to find how would you like to compare? Try to find an issue that you want to fix, it can be functional, copy, or template feature. For your brand imaging, we can ask some questions like which symbol style will be more enticing- monochromatic or multi-shaded? You can easily find these features using the A/B testing for mobile app development.

Perform Regular Tests

When you have the detailed theory and identify the component you required for the A/B testing, you need to make two types of landing pages that are equivalent, and the main highlight those points you need to test. These two pages will help you to recognize your crowd and take them to these pages where you can measure what number of installs ever variant creates to decide the winner. 

Analyze Data & Review Results

There are several methods to find the including time on page, connections with other components of your app’s page, scroll long pages and that is the only tip of the iceberg. At the end of the day, you need to review the results of your analyzed data. 

Make Changes as per Results

if you are confident, feel free to begin making changes dependent on the outcomes you have generated and you should also take the aid of a mobile app development company. You can refresh the plan to mirror the winner of the A/B testing. 

Best Tools for A/B Testing

Optimiziely  Google Optimize VWO  AB Tasty 
Zoho Pagesense HubSpot Adobe Target Kameleoon


This testing is the perfect methodology, it makes it possible for the best mobile app development companies to characterize the space dot the development from the app’s landing pages, understand the customer behavior, and make remarkable improvements based on results. If you strategize it according to the requirements of the project, you can maximize the benefits of the A/B testing. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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