Google Maps Pronounce the Names of Foreign Places in Local Lingo


With the help of Google maps made our travel easier than ever and most of us love to travel.

But the inability to speak a country’s regional language is maybe the most frustrating experience while traveling.

You get into cabs and struggle to tell the driver your destination.

And you have to ask multiple people for directions before you get an answer you understand. 

With a new feature in Google Maps, you no longer have to get lost in translation.

Google Maps is adding a new interpretation feature that will allow a phone to speak out a place’s name and place in the local lingo in order to help travelers interact with their hosts more effectively.

The new feature will be launched this month for Android and iOS with support for 50 languages.

More languages will arrive in the future, Google says.

Google said in a blog post that you just need to simply tap the new speaker button next to the place name or address.

Then Google Maps will say it out loud, making your next trip that much easier.

When you want to have a deeper conversation, Google Maps will quickly link you to the Google Translate app.


Additionally, the text-to-speech technology will automatically recognize what language a phone is using to discover and at which places a user might visit.

For deeper communications ahead of directions and location names, Google Maps will now also link the user directly to the Google Translate app.

Currently, incognito mode for Google Maps started rolling out to Android devices of the US-based search engine.

The new mode announced four months ago at Google I/O, has already started to smartphones globally.

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