How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-demand Doctor App?

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We are living in the era of mobile app technologies and innovations and the fostering intensity of health consciousness, therefore a doctor appointment booking app development becomes significant for people’s lives. This is because users can easily communicate with the doctors with one touch on their mobile phones whenever required health-related issues. 

So, if you are fascinated by developing an app that will help in booking doctor’s appointments through smartphones and does not have any idea how much it costs to develop an on-demand doctor app. 

To start the development of an on-demand doctor app, you must have a crystal clear estimation of the whole budget for building an on-demand doctor app. 

The cost of developing an on-demand doctor app depends on many things like revenue model, essential features, kind of app, etc. this article will give deep insights about the process and estimated cost so you can easily commence your on-demand doctor app development. 

Business model for on-demand doctor app development

The cost of building an on-demand doctor app is made from the revenue model to make it useful. Therefore, while developing the app it is crucial to define the business model and all resources of revenue generation. There are top three business models for an on-demand doctor app development are

  • In-app advertising
  • commission-based
  • Featured listing

Essential features to develop an on-demand doctor app

Patient panel features Doctor panel features Admin panel features Additional features
Sign-up/out and login features Status of appointments made by patients Tools to manage listings of doctors Profiles of patients and doctors
Options to upload documents Appointment managing tool Tools to generate notifications Search bar
List of upcoming and previous appointments Profile editing options Tools to view app analytics in real-time Live chat and video-calling
List of prescriptions provided during the consult Total earning and transaction history Channels fo communication Rating & review of doctors & physicians
Payment transaction history Patients’ records access and medical history Marketing and promotional tools Payment options
Advanced filters to conduct a successful search In-built appointment booking options
Push notification alerts  Push notifications

Team structure required for developing on-demand doctor app

The cost to develop an on-demand doctor app depends on the size of the team that is involved in the process. And it has to be selected based on experience and skills. So who all are needed to build an on-demand booking app?

  • App designers 
  • App Developers
  • App testers
  • Project manager

Technology Stack involved building an on-demand doctor app

Before developing on-demand doctor booking apps, making sure to opt for the right technology stack. It includes

  • Database
  • Payment 
  • Push notifications
  • Cloud environment
  • Real-time analytics

Estimated cost to develop on-demand doctor app

The cost to develop an on-demand doctor app, as discussed above, may vary because of many factors as well as specific restrictions applied by a developer. The platform, android, or iOS defines the high or low cost of creating the app. 

iOS platform is more likely to be costly than android platforms. Moreover, the location or geography of the company that produces the app also performs an essential role. If you developed the app from the Appsinvo team, the estimated cost of developing an on-demand doctor app cost vary up to $9000-$10000.


Therefore the cost of an on-demand doctor app based on several factors, the cost to develop the app can fluctuate. Also, as per the latest technology trend, a hybrid app can be developed that can be utilized for both iOS as well as Android platforms. It will lead to a reduction in time as well as costs. Appsinvo, a top mobile app development company, is highly experienced in developing on-demand doctor app.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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