Top Databases for Developing React Native Apps in 2021


As an entrepreneur, you should be knowledgeable of the top-notch cross-platform apps to improve your field. Cross-platform apps are both time and cost-effective. React native is the ideal framework to build a strong and efficient cross-platform mobile app for your client. 

In the modern era, react native is an attractive framework for cross-platform app development. Whether iOS or Android, the need for react native is mounting as many developers consider utilizing this framework for their mobile app development. 

From startups & SMEs to big firms, everyone needs to use frameworks that are both affordable and time-saving. According to sources, the most popular s-platform smartphone app framework used by developers globally is react native, which is 42 percent of Android and iPhone app developers.

But, it can become a little confusing while picking the right database for your app development project. Therefore, this blog will assist you to choose the most suitable database for your ongoing and next project. 

Introduction To React Native 

Launched by Facebook, react native is a popular web library. It is a JS open-sources framework that generates native app for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Moreover, this framework allows web developers to develop native mobile apps using the current and famous JS library. It also codes for various platforms using a single codebase. Below are the most well-renowned brands using the react-native frameworks.

  • Skype 
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Walmart 
  • UberEats 
  • Pinterest 

Top Databases For React Native

Watermelon Database 

Top Databases for Developing React Native Apps in 20213-byappsinvo.

Watermelon database is the top react native database framework if you want to build a sturdy reach native mobile app. This database can cope with complicated apps quickly and improve performance as well. It is developed by SQLite and is pretty scalable without any slowdowns in speed. 


  • Offline mode enabled by syncing your engine. 
  • Straightforward data plugging into elements.
  • Constant typing with the flow. 

Realm Database 


If you want to create real-time and offline apps, this is the top react native database. It’s an object-centric manageable database that’s easily recognizable to your coding’s modern level. This database permits app developers to create react native mobile apps for iOS and Android to work on both smartphone and wearable devices. Realm is ideal for top-notch representation and robust react native mobile apps. 


  • It operates great offline. 
  • Realm stores user communication.
  • It highlights a wide API set. 
  • It practices various encoding standards for all platforms.  

MySQL Database 


This database handles thread-like memory responsibility, making it quicker and excellent for react-native mobile apps. MySQL plays a significant role in increasing its execution and speed. Moreover, this DB is super harmonious with react native incorporates some libraries to assist you to use SQLite using this tech. You can also use AsyncStorage to protect data sectionally on a smart device.


  • It is the most chosen in the investment and banking industry. 
  • It has a password-enabled encoding system to combine many security layers. 
  • It includes host-based authentication characteristics to make the react-native database pretty flexible. 

Google Cloud DB

Top Databases for Developing React Native Apps in 20214-byappsinvo

This is a solely flexible DB that enables app developers to download, manage, and work relational DBs on this platform. It contains 3 structures worldwide: multi-cloud data distribution, and hybrid apps. 


  • Updated documentation & extreme durability.
  • Gently to combine with other Google Cloud platforms.

Pouch Database  


This database provides protecting the data locally and allows users to use the features of a react native app also in offline mode. Pouch DB is the most prominent open-sources project coded in JS. It is formulated with CouchDB regulations, and rather than having a substantial structure, it is a reliable back-end react-native DB and promotes best with PostgreSQL, MongoSQL, and MySQL.


  • It copies data skillfully.
  • It helps online and offline functionalities. 
  • It uses CouchDB regulation. 


Appsinvo is a leading react native app development that has already years of experience to assist you in your app development journey. We used advanced technologies and trustworthy frameworks for entrepreneurs, startups, and big businesses to render highly functional solutions to our clients.  

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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