How Social Marketing Can Help During COVID-19

How Social Marketing Can Help During COVID-19-byappsinvo

There is no denying that a tough time is going on and it is tough for all of us. Brands are also struggling to make their place on social media and not able to understand what to say. Do you really think that your old techniques benefit your business? 

Although we can’t give you the answer to the above question, we can tell you some points to put them together that will help you to make your own social media strategy that perfectly fits your brand and business.

Rise in Digital Content

For the sake of prevention from the Coronavirus, many countries announced the nation lockdown and due to that almost everyone is entertaining or working from home by using the internet. And this causes a rise in digital content.

The users want rich content in whatever the way they want whether in the form of audio, video, images, or blogs. And by this Streaming is boosted by 61%, Video or youtube streaming increased by 12%, web traffic is boosted up to 20%, and the most video gaming is grown by 78%, especially LUDO and PUBG. 😁😁

Small Efforts and Big results

Just adding a hashtag makes a big difference in your image reachability. So don’t take the online marketing for granted and for that you don’t need to invest big bucks. All you need to understand is the demand of time, creating lucrative and demanding content.

Focus on your Accounts

If we look at the current situation, people are demanding essential things. So, at this time it would not be fair to think about the boost in sales right now. Therefore, this is a great time to make the brand value of your company. 

Social Marketing does not need In-meetings

Due to COVID-19, physical marketing events are getting canceled. Try Digital and social experiences are totally online and they don’t require any kind of interaction like shows, events, etc. this will help you to take the lead in online marketing.


To keep your business away and not get affected by this pandemic. Take a commitment from yourself to push out into the social marketing that gives you the organic visitors and clients on your website and helps you to make your brand more notable. Come up with new tricks and plans to keep the spirits of your team-high. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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