How to Develop an Educational App

How to Develop an Educational App-byappsinvo

Education is the thing that is essential for human beings and self-education is one of the trends that are very useful for everyone. With new technologies, education is also getting new heights and spreading all around the world. After having a hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, we can learn new things, become experts in new things, and in fact, get a degree without going to college premises and all of this can happen only with the help of an educational app. There are many questions are arising in your mind, so let’s dive into the article that will not only burst your doubts but also give you some information about how to develop an educational app and what will be the estimated cost. the topic we will discuss in this article are

  • What is the Educational App
  • Types of Educational App
  • Features Required in Educational App
  • Top Educational Apps
  • Business Model for Educational App
  • Cost to develop an Educational App

What is the Educational App

It is simple to understand, educational mobile apps are that help its users to learn new things like new courses, about your school or college study, or for any entrance exams. You can learn all kinds of things on your way using mobile phones or tablets. These educational apps let their users learn a new language, or how to code, help in completing school assignments, and college-going students to make their project unique. 

There are many parameters on that educational apps can be categorized, but educational apps have two targeted audience i.e, teachers, and learners. But there is a difference in the feature of the app for the teacher and the learner. Let’s see the widespread of educational apps. 

Types of Educational App

Courseware – You may get the sort of idea of this kind of app. This kind of app is especially for some kind of course for the users to add some skills that help them in building their careers. 

Classroom aids – This kind of app is especially for schools. This kind of app helps the teachers and students to learn in a unique way by watching the video. 

Assessment App – This kind of educational app offers quizzes to users. When the users do the quizzes, the app will compute the score and share it with the users. 

Reference App – This kind of app is like to make reference to something like a dictionary and encyclopedia. 

Particular educational purpose App – This kind of apps is highly particular for some courses like medial and healthcare educational apps. 

Features Required in Educational App


The signup process is essential for the new users and beneficial for the other things that will discuss further. Users can signup through Google for ignoring the quite long process of signup by filling name, phone number, email and etc. you can also give the option to signup through social media, and Facebook is the most common option also add other social media like Linkedin, Twitter, etc. 

User Profile

In this feature, the users can analyze their progress about their course, also from here users can navigate the app and make adjustments as per their requirements. Through user profiles, teachers can schedule their classes, upload materials, and can see the students’ statistics and help them as per their needs. 

Study Material

The study material you are going to provide your learners and teachers should a reputed source and scientifically proven facts. As per the subject, the study material can benefit to the learners in the different topics as per their difficulty level. There are different types of study material you can provide like

  • PDFs
  • Video
  • Articles
  • Live streaming lectures
  • Quizzes and tests

Search Function

Don’t make your app too complex so the students find it difficult to use it. Make your app simple so students can easily back to the completed lessons. If the course is longer, it is important that your mobile app should have a search function to let the users to effortlessly find where they are. 

Push Notifications

This feature lets the learner and teacher get back faster than emails. For a teacher, it can be more valuable than a learner because missing a lesson can put a mark on his reputation. Push notification can be beneficial for the app promotion and ask the user to get their valuable feedbacks.

Analytics & Statistics

It will benefit both students ans teachers from observing the analytics ans statistics. It helps them to find weak points and make them strong and eliminate the issues. 

Cloud Integration

The data of your app should be on the same cloud so whenever the learner and teacher change their phone or tablets, they get their whole data without any hassle. 

Top Educational Apps



Many students dream from open eys to get admission in top international universities like Columbia, Harvard, MIT, etc. but it is not easy to get admission into the world top universities like to dream about them. But it is not difficult anymore, the edX app brings all those top universities in your pocket. This app platform offers more than 2000 courses of the top universities in several domains like in business studies, engineering, arts, computer science, etc. after completing these courses users will get a professional certificate this will be helpful in building a career.

Khan Academy


It is the one at the top of the best educational app list. The app is built to deliver world-class education to the who want to learn and have willing to learn anything and this app is developed like anyone can learn from anywhere all around the world. This app has helped to make the study more interactive through their video tutorials. This app provides study material for tests like SAT, LSAT, MCAT, and many more.



This is one of the new emerging study platforms where it provides study material through videos and live classes from different tutors. For that, users need to buy the subscription of a particular course so they can take the live classes and clear their doubts. This platform helps the users in many different courses like IIT-JEE, NEET, SSC, Banking, UPSC, State PSC, CAT, NET, and many more.



This app is one of the favorite apps for the school going kids and students. This app delivers the video in a very fascinating way that helps the students to understand the complex topic in a very easy way. This app is basically for the school going kids and students.

Business Model for Educational App


This is one of the typical monetization modes for any educational app. Through this model educational apps can offer the users a limited version of the app and suggest the users if they love their app, they can buy the full version of the app. 

Free Trial

The educational app can give their users a free trial model of the app is another common method. There are many apps that let their users use all the features of the app for a limited period of time. If they love their app and want to continue with it they have to buy it. 

Paid subscription

This is the last and the most used monetization model for the educational app. There are many educational apps that offer other services live test series, video classes, paid courses, paid notes, etc. this also helps the educational app to deliver more quality content to their users.

Cost to develop an Educational App

Apart from the development, many things need to be considered when the cost is estimated for the app. Which technology is using for the app, does your app supports audio playback, have audio integration, and many factors. Since in a classroom, every kind of student are there and have both kinds of devices Android and iOS, so it is important to build an app for considering both devices. The location of the development team you are going to hire is also the main factor of app development. There are many extras you can add in the educational app but it’ll be heavy for your pocket. So at Appsinvo, the educational app development cost will vary between $5500-$8500 or you can contact our sales team for more precise details. 


Education plays a very important role in a human being’s life. Right education at the right age is imperative. As I’m 90’s kid, I had taken my whole education through books and the smell of a new book is exceptional. But in this technology world, the educational app has taken the place of books, almost. After seeing the high demand for apps, the future is close when books will be replaced by educational apps. Whatever will be the future, we know one thing that the education sector will be a profitable market. So if you have any queries regarding educational app development, feel free to ask us. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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