How to Take Advantage of 404 Error Page


There are many errors we have seen in the HTML status code and the 404 Error is one of the most common errors users face whenever they visit the website. There are many reasons why a website can return this error to the users. 

Maybe because the visitors are trying to the resource that does not exist on the website or the page has been deleted or an error has been made when using the URL into the browser. In many cases, you select to direct the page to the right URL to diminish the amount of 404 errors the website has. 

404 Error page is a way to optimize the usability of the website in a comprehensive way. However, this is an error that can be shown in some particular situations that are already out of your control.

For instance, if the users search for something that does not exist on your website. At this time, it is good to take some options to optimize and take the benefits of the 404 Error page. In this article, we will put some light on the advantages of the 404 error pages you can take. 

Advantage of 404 Error Page

Redirection Page

This is one of the most common things you can do with the 404 Error page, it will divert the users to the other relevant ones. When a visitor stuck to the 404 error page, the visitor will divert if you have enough content, they might be interested in the alternative of what they are looking for and it can be anything from your bucket list best article, your homepage, or actual content. Whatever you pick, it is good to pick a good content page rather than a useless or empty page. 

Generate Leads

This is the other trick where you can turn your error page into an email subscription. Through this, you can turn your error page into a lead generation magnet where visitors can drop their email address to you for the subscription.

This makes sure you can get in touch with them and turn them into loyal visitors. For making an error page to a lead magnet, you can use the trick of the eBooks or content subscription, the more rewarding it is, the better it will be. 

Convert into the Search box

It might look simple to squeeze out the benefit drops from the 404 error page but it is quite clever. So, if you use the search bar in the place of the 404 error page is a welcome courtesy as per the visitor’s perspective.

Through this way, they can easily search for the alternative keywords that are relevant to what visitors have used for the 404 error page. Now why it is a clever method because through this you can easily turn this error page into an SEO gauge. This will also help in some other ways. 

Use Humor or References

This is the polarizing way to take benefit from the 404 error pages. On the one hand, after seeing the 404 error page some visitors may get frustrated easily, and on the other hand, a bit of humor or references might cool down the visitor’s hot head.

The humor can be anything some punches, jokes, or even memes and if you want to play harmless, references are great. There are some plugins that let you redesign your 404 error page quite easily. 


it is a good idea to develop a unique 404 error page and utilize it in your own way by putting some little extra endeavors into the error page it shows how much you care about your visitors and users. this error page will also keep your visitors stick to your website and provide a great opportunity for your business to generate more leads. 

Remember one thing in mind that you can use a blend of other methods as per your convenience and your business, try these methods for your website of the 404 error page and let us know which one you like the most.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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