Important Tips for Using Chatbots

Important Tips for Using Chatbots-byappsinvo

Chatbots is a sort of robot that provides information and support to your customers and release the burden of your service team. But the customer experience is the foremost thing for a business and it only comes from the successful use of a chatbot. What chatbots do right and what customers find that they are not good? Our team looked at some studies and do some research, after that we found a conclusion that we should give you some helpful tips for using Chatbots. 

Important Tips for Using Chatbots

Test & Optimize Conversion Process

In a study, it is shown that every third conversation with the chatbot is not completed. This happens because of some reason or customers trying chatbot out of interest but it is the truth that many conversations are unsuccessful or customers drop out early. The reasons could be

  • Chatbot unable to solve the problem
  • Customers feel uncomfortable with the chatbot
  • The chatbot doesn’t cover the area where it required
  • Curiosity for the Chatbot

For solving these issues from the chatbot it is very important to perform tests on time to time basis and optimize then with some new trick and techniques that not only help in our business but also helps our customers.

Offer a real Person

According to a survey about customer service, more than 80% of people will like it if they redirected to a live customer service agent from a chatbot and only 55% of people are satisfied with the services of a chatbot as it responds successfully and accurately to the customer queries and grievances. So the need for the chatbot is clear here and what should the businesses do before using the Chatbot for their customers. The presence of the alternative can ensure the more customers use this kind of service because they know that switching to the other channel is just quick.

Chatbot for Specific Area

Developing chatbot is not rocket science but sometimes dissatisfaction with chatbot services is often because the bot itself doing too much. If you give more features and options to your bot, the more complexity will face in the development process and it increases the possibility of the errors. Before finalizing the area for the chatbot consider research and find where customers are preferring the chatbots and on which they prefer classic customer service. This will definitely help you and your customers. 

Data Protection

Whatever the field is, it is one of the important issues we have been seeing in the IT world from the last few years. So no matter what is your services about, chatbots will save and process all call histories. So according to that, you need to think about it before the development and implementation.

Emotional Need

According to a study, some times there are circumstances when a customer is stressed out and at that time he needs to talk and share their problem with someone. This includes

  • Health problems
  • Technical support
  • Financial Issues
  • Bills processing

In the above cases, customers prefer to talk to a person for a solution. In a stressful situation, customers prefer to talk rather than chat or send an email. If you are using Chatbot for the customer grievances services, try to offer a service where the chat can directly take a customer to a live agent. And if the process been canceled, check the problem is resolved or not and call the customer for the follow-up.  


So these are some tips that help you if you are going to use Chatbots for your business. If you are facing any kind of problem-related to Chatbot or its development, feel free to ask, we love to help you in any way. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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