Let’s Develop an App Like Big Basket

Let's Develop an App Like Big Basket-byappsinvo.

Due to COVID-19, 190 nations are facing many losses and lockdown affects every nation in some particular field like the stock market declining, Import-export with other countries also get affected due to the shut down of aviation services. But in this lockdown, we all have realized that humans required only 3 basic things to live life i.e, Food(Basic groceries also included), houses, and Clothes. 

So in today’s blog, we are going to read about the online food or grocery market because these are the ones who deliver food or groceries at our doorstep in this lockdown scenario. As we all know online grocery stores, businesses, startups are growing tremendously and becoming popular day-by-day. 

With the help of technology, it is becoming easy for retailers to sell their products that include vegetables, beverages, fruits, snacks, etc. The popularity of this kind of business is growing day-by-day. It is stated in a report that approx 45% of people from 25-35 age buy groceries from the online grocery market. Let’s take a dive into India’s biggest online grocery market Big basket and understand how we develop apps like Big Basket.

  • What is the Big Basket?
  • Some Facts about Big Basket
  • Top Features of Big Basket App
  • Why You Should Develop an App like Big Basket
  • How Big Basket Works
  • Panels in Big Basket App
  • Features require to develop an app like Big Basket
  • Factors that can affect the development cost
  • Technology Stack We Use
  • Estimated Cost for developing an app like Big Basket

What is the Big Basket?

Big basket is India’s largest online grocery or food delivery store that helps its users to deliver their groceries at their doorstep without waiting in the queues. It has 18000 products and more than 1000 brands in its catalog they deliver everything users are looking for. 

Some Facts about Big Basket

  • Founded in – December 2011
  • Founded by – Mr. V S Sudhakar, Mr. Hari Menon, Mr. Vipul Parekh, Mr. Abhinay Choudhari, and Mr. V S Ramesh.
  • CEO – Mr. Hari Menon
  • Headquarter – Bangalore, India

Top Features of Big Basket App

Available 24/7

A grocery delivery app is available for the users anytime, anywhere, and that allows users to shop whenever they require. 


The online grocery delivery app is time and cost-saving apps for users because users don’t need to visit the supermarket or the shop. All Users have to do is put their needed things in the cart and place the order this is the simplest way. 

Amazing Discounts and deals

These online grocery delivery apps offer great and cost-effective deals with heavy discounts not only for the existing customers but also for enticing new users for their app. 

Track your Orders

Through this app, whatever the users order for themselves they can track their order through the same app and get to know the estimated delivery date. 

Easy Alternative to Pay

When there is a payment wallet inbuilt the app provides alternatives for making payment either in cash on delivery or prepaid as per the choice of the user. 

Why You Should Develop an App like Big Basket

In this hectic and busy lifestyle, many of us don’t want to spend their time while waiting in queues at any supermarket or store and this is the reason that makes the online grocery delivery services more popular in today’s time. This gives a big, big, big opportunity for the online grocery delivery to scale and grow their business with the online grocery delivery apps. There are some benefits for the shop owners and retailers will get  

  • Get Payment Online
  • Improves Customer Loyalty
  • 24/7 Store Presence
  • Boosts Sales
  • Wide Potential Customer Base
  • Direct Marketing Channel

How Big Basket Works

Bigbasket is India’s biggest online grocery and food delivery company. So for using and placing your order, you have to choose your order from a wide range of varieties, choose your time for taking delivery, pay for the order either debit or credit card or UPI. it will be fascinating to see how BigBasket works after we place our order

Collect orders from Multiple stores

After you place the order, the online grocery app will contact the nearest grocery store owner in your service area.

Pack the order 

When the grocery store gets the notification of the order they start packaging the fresh food and grocery with the help of temperature-controlled bags.

Pre-Scheduled Delivery with the tracking system

After this, the online grocery delivery store gives liberty to the users to select their delivery time as per their convenience, real-time tracking the order, and giving alerts to the users about the order status.

Panels in Big Basket App

If you are a store owner and you want to expand your business. You have two options either you can contact the online grocery delivery company in your city or you can also develop your own online grocery company. And if you are planning to establish an online grocery store, you need to be very careful while hiring a company for your project. Appsinvo has more than 4 years of experience in the field of Android and iOS app development. Any online grocery app like BigBasket have 4 panels

  • User/Customer Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Grocery Store Delivery Panel
  • Driver panel

Features Require to Develop an App like Big Basket

Customer App

Store Manager App Admin Panel Driver App
User registration Login Process Admin Login

Login Process

Select Locality and set Hyper Market

Store Locator Dashboard Dashboard
List Categories/items Accept & Reject orders Manage stores

Order request

Search products and view results

Store pick-up Assign Managers Track customer location on the map
Add to shopping list Order management Manage listings

Order History

Check out the process

Logistic integration Manager customers Push notifications
Select payment mode and make payment Help and support Manage payments

Update delivery status

Schedule delivery

Change Location Manage Manage profile
Reorder Inventory Management Notifications

View order history

Manage reviews
Notifications related to offers and deals

Add offers

Rating & feedback

Analytics & Reports
Account settings

Add on features for Big Basket like App

Customer App

Store Manager App Admin Panel Driver App

Track order in Real-time

Dedicated web interface Manage real-time tracking Live track path
Social Media Sharing Push notifications settings Dashboard analytics


Communication Channel  Real-time analytics  Add/Block/Remove users


Factors that can Affect the Development Cost

Online grocery demand apps come under the data-driven apps category.  This category app is a little expensive as compared to the basic functions app. There are some major factors that decide the development cost of the app like a big basket

App Platform

This is one of the major factors that affect the development cost of the app like Big Basket. So, developing an app for the iOS platform is cheaper than the Android platform. 

App Design 

Whatever app you are designing the UI/UX should be simple and easy to use and when it comes to designing an app like Big basket you can’t neglect the small points because for enticing more buyers and engaging them into your app UI/UX plays a vital role. Appsinvo has great experience in designing the best UI/UX at an affordable cost. 

App Development

The development cost of the app depends on the location of the company that is developing your app, their experience, and expertise. 

App Size

Features and functions define the size of any app. So for version 1, it is suggested to keep only core features and functions that help in diminishing not only the cost but also the size of the app. 

Mobile wallet

If there is a dedicated mobile wallet in your app, it will ensure to make the payment without any hassle and stress. 

Technology Stack We Use


Estimated Cost for Developing an App like Big Basket

The estimated cost of developing an online grocery app can be evaluated by its platform you choose, complexity, features you introduce, and the last country you opt for your app development project because the price differs from the countries you opt for. If you choose the Appsinvo team from India for your app development, the app delivery will cost you around $5500-$9500 or you can contact our sales team head for more precise details about the project and its estimated cost.

Final Thought

This new way to shop groceries through the online grocery shopping app helps the users to make their purchase with their smartphones at their doorstep without going outside in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. This app gives the experience of the simple and easy process to make the purchase online. By using these apps, users will also get the best deals and discounts on the items. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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