Paytm Launched its Mini App Store for Indian Developers



  • Paytm Android mini app store enables to access the mini apps by browsing and easy pay with installing the app. 
  • The mini app store provides the list of mini apps that can be accessed without any charges. 
  • The apps like Dominos, Ola, Rapido, Decathlon have already joined the app store. 

A few weeks ago, due to violating guidelines of the Play Store, Google remove the Paytm for a couple of hours. After all, this happened, the Paytm has taken the challenge and launched its, Android Mini App store. Through this store, the local mobile app developers can easily launch their app, especially for the Android platform. After seeing this, it can be predicted that Paytm has broken the monopoly of Google for Android mobile apps. 

On this mini app store, developers can easily launch their android apps without paying any penny. Paytm provides distribution and listing of the mini apps within the app free of cost but it will charge 2% for other investments like credit cards. As per the company claims, it has more than 150 million monthly active users and the company has tied up with big brands like the decathlon, Netmeds, Rapido, Ola, and many other services and product providers. 

The Paytm founder and CEO, Vijay Shekhar Sharma said that they are launching a mini app store that empowers young Indian developers to utilize the reach and innovative services of the Paytm through their apps. This app store is also a boon for the users because it allows the users to access the app without downloading and installing it into the phone. 

The company also said that the mini app store is come up with a dashboard for the developers that enables them to analyze the payment collection and have various tools to track your app and engage with the users. But for now, the app store has been running in beta with the selected users and approx 12 million users witnessed in September. 

Facts About Paytm

Founded on – August 2010

Founder CEO – Vijay Shekhar Sharma

HeadQuarter – Noida, India

Revenue – $ 500 Million

Parent Organization – One97 Communication

What are Mini Apps

Mini apps are the hybrid apps which are the combination of the functionalities of the native apps with the flexibility of mobile websites. The functionality of the Paytm app is enhanced by the inbuilt JS APIs that are imperative for effectively opening the web apps. So when the web apps listed as a mini app on the Paytm mini app store, web apps can easily enjoy the advantages of the native app 

How Users Access Paytm Mini App Store

Here are some steps that can make it easy for the users to access the Paytm mini apps in the Paytm app store. 

  • On the homepage, there is a Mini app section that takes the users to the mini app store.
  • In the store, users can easily see all the listed mini apps in this section. Users can either use the app after seeing the app icon or search the app from the search bar. 
  • The user will be taken to the mini app and process with the flow. 

 Paytm Launched its Mini App Store for Indian Developers1-byappsinvo.png

Features of the Mini App Store

Easy Integration

The integration of mobile apps is easy. Developers can use the existing mobile website or web app to integrate the mini app with minimum efforts. 

Run Promotional offers

Having your mini app on the Paytm, allows you to run the enticing offers for your users through the promo engine. 

Growth Insights

In the growth insights tools, developers have a powerful dashboard to track the payments, download reports, view bank settlements, initiate refunds. 

Easy Share & Search

When users arrive at the Paytm mini store, where users can easily search the brand you are looking for on the Paytm. Users can also share the mini app to their family and friends through the messaging app.


Sending push notification to the users through the Paytm app helps the users to keep posted about the new products and services in fact the order status. 

Easy Login

The app has a one-step login by filling the user details. The Paytm app surfaces the relevant mini app to maximize usage. 


This is all about the new app store in India for Android users. On 8 October, there is a Paytm mini app developer conference so developers can register their mini apps on the Paytm mini app store. There is a lot to see in the upcoming days like how it all goes. So let’s see and tell us what you like and dislike about the Paytm mini app store in the comment section. 




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