Top Essential Features of eBook Mobile App

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With the advancement in the technologies in every domain of life, there is nothing left untouched that does not take the benefits of the technologies. Paper books are transforming into the e-books. Nowadays ebooks are ready to go medium for reading your books and organized views and conveyed. 

There is no wonder that there is a tick on the ebook-reading apps. There are many eBook apps are available on the app and play store, it is imperative to know about the features of the ebook apps that make your app successful. So based on our research and experience, we are telling you the top essential features for your eBook mobile app. 

Features of eBook Mobile App

List of Available Books

This the first and the foremost feature in an ebook reading app. It is imperative to have a great way of listing the books available on the app both the downloaded and online available ones. You can also categorize the books into the fictional, non-fictional, historical, professional, and so on.  The status of the various books can be completed, in progress and even can sort them by ratings and length of the books. New apps can also use artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable the recommendation based books to the users which they should give a read and give their valuable feedback about the books.

Supports Various Formats

This is another feature that should be in your ebook-reading app. It is imperative that your app must support the various formats of e-books like PDF, TXT, EPUB, MOBI, word books, even encrypted books, etc. there are various reasons to use various formats. The users will have different ebook formats and this makes perfect sense to support any format as possible. This feature makes your app more reliable for the users and enables them to read their favorite books in their chosen format.

Store your Favorite Books

This feature in your ebook app makes it simple for the users to access their book and read from there where they left before. Letting your users store an ebook locally in the device for quick and offline access. Once the user adds the ebook into the app’s library, save it to the cloud and back up mechanism will allow the users to clear the cache of the phone without worrying about their beloved books. 

Reader-friendly Interface

The point that makes an ebook reader mobile app successful is the interface and the UI of the mobile app. The interface has to be designed to enable a great experience and visually appealing, even a small detail helps. There are many features that can be a progress bar for the ebook mobile app like resize the text of the book, adjust the overall pagination to reflect the updated sizing, and let the people choose the color of the text. Through these features, the app will be more reader-friendly. 

Reading Tools

Now the reader is totally into the book and enjoys the reading experience, here is the task to underline with the tools and service that make it more enjoyable. This can be done with standard and even expected tools like bookmarks, attach notes to selected text, in-built directory, and many more. Some eBook reader mobile apps have more advanced tools like cross-referencing a particular term or easily find the reader. There are many platforms that enable the text-to-speech, it has become relatively easy for ebook readers to stimulate.

Social Integration

All apps have to recognize the ubiquity of social media platforms in every way. In the traditional way, users can lend the book and recommend the other people to discuss with them, on the modern ways, you can share the app or the book into the app on the social media platforms and let the people all over the globe. Modern ebook apps should follow this and also thrive by allowing its users by sharing their experience on social media. 


With time, eBook readers and the apps are gaining popularity as the content for reading is exploding and people are loving to discover new content and books for reading. To take the advantage of the technology and plunging cost of devices, there is a huge demand in the eBook reading mobile apps in the market. If you want to develop an eBook reading app, these essential features will definitely help you to enable success in the competitive environment.

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