Why Kotlin is a Popular Language for the Android Developers

Why Kotlin is a Popular Language for the Android Developers-byaapsinvo.j

Many of us are familiar with the Kotlin and its rapidly growing popularity. When we compared it with java, Kotlin is too young to dominate in the market. Kotlin is a cross-platform language that is specially designed to fully interoperate with the programming language called java. 

Due to google’s influence, Java is becoming popular. After Swift, It is one of the fastest-growing languages. If you are familiar with the java, it will be easy for you to adopt kotlin. Kotlin is the best language for android developers to use with less concise, error-free, and maintainable. 

Kotlin is much safer than the java. The IDE plugins of Kotlin operate smoothly and provide many more features than java. The lazy loading feature offers the android app development to reduce the startup time for the app. For checking the errors while development, Kotlin works under the advanced compiler.

Kotlin can develop a great impact on functions as it consists of more optional parameters. Therefore, in this blog, we have decided to tell you the reasons that kotlin is a popular language for Android developers and android app development.

Reasons Make Kotlin a Popular Language for the Android Developers

Open Source

Kotlin is an open-source language. It helps to diminish the time with converting existing java code in a single-click tool. It is not so simple to learn if you are a beginner at programming. It structures the android than java. there are many app developers who work with the java programming language and they can easily adapt the kotlin.


The language is designed for the developers with a low learning curve so users give less time in learning the language and less line of coding is required to develop an app. Whether to learn or code, kotlin is always much better than the java. Kotlin can assist the developers to build an android app that has more efficiency than the java programming language. 

Defaulted parameters

The parameters of the kotlin are user-friendly when you pass the arguments by the name, not by the index. This helps to create a great impact on the function that has more optional parameters. 

Extension Functions

Without interrupting the source code, you can easily add ways to the classes as per the user basis. If you make any alterations in the source code it can create an extension function to be a load for the developers. Therefore, it is more beneficial to handle the kotlin for extension function.

Data classes in Kotlin

Class and scope is a demanded choice in a programming language. If we compare kotlin from java, Java has many sections of code in a class than Kotlin. Kotlin app developers can easily handle the code in a simple manner. There is no doubt that this is one of the best features of the kotlin language. 

Java Interoperability

This is the best feature of the kotlin programming language is its potential to exchange the information of java. This feature of the kotlin entices the java developers to itself. Kotlin operates under the JVM and utilizes the java tools and libraries. 

Final Words

Kotlin is preferred as the most useful android app development platform that is fueled by many factors. Having simpler codes, unique native app development capabilities, or interoperability makes the kotlin stand out from others. As a leading android app development company, we are enthusiastically using the kotlin language to develop many innovative and unique mobile apps. We hope this article helps you in some way.

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