Top Frameworks For Android Mobile App Development in 2020


In today’s era, businesses realized the significance of mobile apps. There are more than 6 billion users are indulge in the tactics of mobile phones.

There are more than 2 million apps have been developed and introduced in the play store to the audience.

Thus, it is normal to have cut-throat competition for developing the best apps also in the android app development frameworks.

Either it is android app development or iOS app development, choosing the right framework and structure for the app development is imperative.

Developers or app development companies have to update/upgrade their systems to build the top-notch app, best in functionality that provides a wow factor and experience in the app.

Nevertheless, before starting the android app development, many users get confused to opt for an ideal framework for their project from the vast array of frameworks.

So in the article, you’ll get the perfect answer to your Q’s. Here are the top frameworks for android app development in 2020.

Top Android App Development Frameworks

Commonly, Android Studio is used to develop the android app. Here are some famous android app development frameworks that will aide to build an android app.



Kotlin has introduced as an android language 2 years ago as the learning curve for Java is precipitous.

Being a new language, it is growing at a fast rate instead of having less community support. 

As compared to Java, It has an easier entry check in terms of coding skills. 

Among the die heart java fans, kotlin is becoming popular because of its interoperability with Java, codes in Kotlin can easily be run as java code.

This makes the Kotlin is better than Java in terms of lesser time and effort required to learn it.

Kotlin help app enthusiasts, developers, to build Android apps even if they do not know Java so well.

React Native


React native is widely used and the most popular framework was developed by the team of Facebook.

It is known for building a beautiful and amazing user interface by using the many comprehensive and javascript libraries.

It manages to assist the creation of reusable and interactive user interface elements. 

As per the latest reports on various resources, each web and mobile app development company opts for this kind of language which is acknowledged as one of the most sturdy frameworks.

It is considered that it is one of the fastest angularJS platforms. 

React Native framework is a classic choice for the people that want a Scalable, productive structure, and secure. 

This framework is performed by 38% of developers across the world.



Ionic is open-source and the most popular app development framework which supports cross-platform development.

Android app developers can trust this framework. One of the serval benefits is that this framework provides the user with user interface elements.

The framework allows a set of default UI elements such as tab bars, action sheets, navigation menu, filters, and forms, which supports the developers to concentrate on the development instead of the user interface element.

It makes the app development process easy because of its own CLI ( command line interface). 

It adds the developers’ skill by using technologies like CSS, HTML, and Javascript.



Flutter, a new platform that is produced by Google, is one of the modern app development frameworks.

This framework is acknowledged for operating and creating an outstanding interactive cross-platform hybrid app.

It is used to develop natively, beautiful, compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. 

Flutter runs with any development tool but it combines compiler plug-ins for both Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ / Android Studio.

Corona SDK


Corona SDK enables users to build web and mobile apps and is considered as a cross-platform framework. 

Corona SDK utilizes LUA, which is a lightweight and fast programming language that performs to develop applications for Android, iOS, Amazon fire, MAC and Windows desktop. 

Corona SDK is simple and free to set up and start developing the app. 

Additionally, the app leads to add up constant recreation of the app research.

The distinct highlight of this structure leads to consolidating live testing that is thoroughly revised and has several modules to widen up the elements.



Xamarin is a cross-platform and open-source mobile app development framework that uses the identical code for both android and iOS.

Xamarin comes with almost all essential tools and provides the users with an excellent user interface that is required to build the mobile app. 

Xamarin is tending to use the C programming language, which means that there is no need to learn java or swift to create the Android app with the guidance of the Android App Creator.

Xamarin is also recognized as a conceptual layer that manages the communication between shared codes with underlying platform code which tend to use 96% of code reusability.

Final words

For creating web and mobile applications, Frameworks are acknowledged as one of the fundamental tools.

Every project has its own demand and unique requirement and it should be taken into consideration.

Therefore, the selection of the framework should be made sensibly after the user defines the essential factor.

However, for helping the user and developer to develop the desired application with the right set of functionalities and features, the above five frameworks have been listed as the most useful and the top ones.

So, this is it for today, for more updates stay connected and keep reading


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