Top Frameworks Used for Developing Progressive Web Apps

Top Frameworks Used for Developing Progressive Web Apps-byappsinvo

Technology is emerging day-by-day so the frameworks. From many years progressive web apps are emerging in the market. They are taking place in web apps because progressive web apps are a combination of hybrid regular web apps and a mobile app. To know more about the progressive app you can read our previous blog. In this article, we are going to tell you those top frameworks used for developing progressive web apps. 

Top Frameworks for Progressive Web Apps

Before starting the development of progressive web apps, the first step is to decide which framework will be suitable to build it on. There are multiple options available out there and opting one will be a difficult task. So here are some best frameworks for your progressive web apps. 



Ionic is an open-source framework introduced in 2013. It has the foundation of an Angular and Apache Cordova framework. Till now, the ionic framework has been used to develop more than 5 million apps. This framework has the library of component that is available for both Android and iOS. This framework allows the developers to build web pages that easily run in the browser of the device through WebView which enables the web pages so they favor a native app. 

Key Advantages

  • It is available for free that helps in reducing the development cost. 
  • it becomes easy for the developers to learn how to use it.
  • It helps the large community of users. 
  • The framework has built-in tools that will help in easy maintenance.
  • Access the API without coding.



React is a popular and highly functional progressive web app framework supported by Facebook. Due to its high and extensive JavaScript library, it is popular among the developers. Developers can easily use the available packages to scale up their projects and app further. 

Key advantages 

  • The delivery process is swift
  • Aids in creating flexible and scalable apps.
  • It makes sure smooth support and operation because Facebook maintains the code. 
  • It provides a pervasive ecosystem. 



As so far, angular is the most popular framework for the progressive web apps introduced by Google back in 2009. This makes the use of JavaScript to create a reliable, responsive, and robust app. This framework played a vital role in boosting the build-in support. The native also uses this framework for building progressive web apps because this framework does not require a high level of expertise. 

Key Advantages

  • Excellent support
  • Easy implementation 
  • It includes IntelliSense and typescript



if you are not so coding and programming fan, you might have not heard about the Vue framework earlier. If you are not familiar or did not listen to anything about this framework, does not mean it is not a great framework. Vue features are one of the fastest-growing libraries among all other frameworks because it has managed to crack the code by providing the two important things simple coding and high-speed delivery. You can give additional characteristics by using the vue in your progressive web app development. 

Key Advantages

  • The vue is easy and simple to use and has the same concept like react and angular
  • The coding is simple and this feature makes it easy for the new learners. 
  • Big enterprises like Alibaba & Laravel support the framework. 



The polymer is an open-source framework developed by Google. It provides a wide variety of web components, tools, and templates. These characteristics of the polymer maker it a suitable choice for the progressive web app development since the operation is become highly simplified. The components and tools of the polymer framework are supported on a wide range of browsers and that makes your app highly accessible and adaptable. The polymer framework is independent and it uses pure HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. 

Key Advantages

  • The API is easy and simple to understand.
  • The features of polymer support routing, responsive layout, and data tier. 
  • The presence of embedded development tools avoids the need for debugging tools. 

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned all five frameworks are used in developing the progressive web apps and they are easily managed to deliver convenience to the developers. Opting the right framework for your progressive web app development is one of the most vital steps. It will decide whether your web app will be robust, scalable, interactive, responsive, and user-friendly or not. The right framework for the progressive web app depends on your app requirement and the expertise of your developer. Select the right developer and the right framework and enjoy all the benefits of progressive web apps bring. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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