Top Myths of SEO We Must have Heard

Top Myths of SEO We Must have Heard-byappsinvo

In today’s world of technology, whatever question we have, there is only one thing that has the answer to our every question i.e, Google. Google is the biggest search engine and it updates its algorithm every time. So if you enlisted your business online you must have heard about SEO or search engine optimization. 

In the world of digital marketing SEO is a significant term and everyone is aware of that. But there are many myths about SEO in the digital market too. There are many experts on SEO in the market who knows and burst many myths about SEO.

The most common myths of SEO we are going to discuss in today’s blog. Let’s take a look at the most common myths of SEO.

SEO is just one time 

SEO is a long term process to build an online presence in this digital world. It requires consistent efforts, new plans, strategize, publish unique content, and building backlinks. It takes time according to the strategy, therefore, SEO is not just a one time. 

SEO is not so Expensive

A well effective and good SEO Strategy is never a cheap strategy. SEO is a long-term process that takes too much effort and time. And there are many types of traditional and conventional methods so, it is not right to say that SEO is cheap or not expensive.

SEO can be done by Anyone

If it becomes true that anyone can do it, the world will be filled with SEO experts and professionals. Just like the engineer, or doctor you need to do the course and the practice under the SEO expert for becoming an SEO expert. So it is a myth that anyone can do SEO easily without any course or practice. 


It is easy to do SEO after learning the basic but due to changing algorithms, you need an expert for the SEO, so he/she can decide what will work or not for your website.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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