Top React Libraries & Frameworks to Lookout in 2021


It is the responsibility of every developer should be stay updated with the newest news and trends related to the technologies. The potential of consistent learning and grabbing the information related to the ever-growing ecosystem is the foundational characteristic of a developer. If your central technology is javascript, you are at the best place.

After its introduction, ReactJS becomes very widespread. After its launch, numerous industry leaders led to this technology. Nonetheless, developers find it difficult to find suitable react libraries for creating their apps. In this article, you will get information about the top react frameworks and libraries.

About ReactJS

It is an open-source javascript library that assists developers to build top users interface for both web and mobile apps. It feasibly combines with other JS libraries and frameworks that comprise standalone, small bites of codes that are named as components. You can utilize these components to build some amazing apps. 

Top react libraries and frameworks

Before you start developing your next project related to the react, let’s take a look at the top react libraries and frameworks 


For javascript apps, Redux is the best state management solution. Basically, this is used in the integration with the react but its functions with other react-like frameworks also. For redux, it becomes possible to easily connect with other components and it will help to reduce the requirements for using call-backs or props.

Build React App

CLI is used to build react app and it does not need any developing configuration. It promotes the development of the app at your own standards and assists you to start the app development process. You just require just a build dependency and there is no complacent.


This is the necessary component library that is used for developing and building a stable UI with user-defined scales and design constraints. This is all about quick design and development. It aims to assist, expandable, and themeable through its compatibility with theme UI and best-in-class assistance for theming. 

React Admin

It is useful to build B2B admin apps on top of REST/GraphQL APIs that can be personalized by design. It is developed using many various projects along with react.

Ant Design

This is a consolidated building framework of webpack, DVA, Babel, Dora, and NPM. this component is known for providing a seamless user experience. This useful react library renders ES6 support and allows stress-free integration. 


This is a component of the library that is made for accessible mobile-first and responsive web projects. It allows the screen reader tags, keyboard navigation, and more and involves atomic design strategies. It is user-friendly, enticing, simple, and light. It has many SVG icons and used for designing its web apps.


All react frameworks and libraries explained in this blog that is especially for a particular purpose in the ecosystem. By using these competent libraries, your company can easily get the basic javascript tasks. If you are still unable to find the right react libraries and frameworks, Appsinvo is always there for you to find them. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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