Top Web App Development Frameworks In 2021

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When we talk about the internet and technology, the website is a crucial part of it, and when you want to expand your business and want more reach, websites are the ones. Nowadays, websites are a must-have essential thing for online businesses and physical stores as well. Have a website for the businesses bring credibility to your business and build brand image. 

In simple words, websites can do wonders for your business, and particularly for startups, the importance of having a website cannot be ignored. Every day trillions of websites make their presence on the internet but not every website is successful. It is not an easy job for web developers to develop a website. 

Choosing the right framework is necessary to make your website a success. You must choose the right framework that fits all your requirements in terms of robustness and scalability and must be in sync with your future business goals.

Let’s talk about the top frameworks of web app development that play a crucial role in developing web apps in 2021. So let’s begin

Top Web App Development Frameworks

Front-end framework


This is one of the most popular front-end web app development frameworks. Though react is not a web development framework but it is an open-source javascript library that is highly recommended for developing the interface as per a react development company, this framework works best for building a single-page website or mobile apps. React is very easy to use a library with simple decorative that allow developers to write code easily. 


This is another popular framework that is definitely used to build a highly interactive front end for web apps. This framework is an open-source front-end javascript that is basically used for developing user-interface and single-page app. Vue.js framework uses high decoupling which facilitates developers to create an attractive and easy-to-use user interface. When used with advanced supporting and tooling libraries, this framework can create powerful web apps.


Launched by Google in 2016, Angular is a Typescript based web app development framework that has gained immense popularity in the last few years. This front-end development framework is also based on javascript and it is known to build scalable and high performing web apps for a business. Angular is ranked among the top 3 front end frameworks that enable the developers to write and create web apps.

Back-end Framework


Nodejs is one of the most popular back-end web app development in terms of usage and popularity. NodeJS is an open-source web development framework written in C, C++, and javascript. This framework executes the code outside the web browser. It is a blend of the runtime conditions, javascript libraries, and easy to code. 


It is one of the most popular open-source back-end web app development frameworks that is basically known for its easy-to-code, cutting-edge and simple structures. This framework facilitates the developer to build a powerful and robust ecosystem for all kinds of websites and apps. There are many businesses that are opting for laravel for the development services for their projects. 

Cake PHP

This is another back-end framework that is widely used to build robust and study web app using CakePHP. There are many business browsers are preferring to use the CakePHP for their web app development project. This framework is easy to use for the back-end development frameworks and lets you build an app in a very easy and fast way. 

Final Thoughts

So we have already talked about the topmost and popular frameworks for your project and how important it is for making your website or an app a success. We have discussed the top web app development frameworks that are going to dominate in 2021. So if you are planning to build a web app, you can easily consider the above-mentioned frameworks for developing top-notch and feature enrich web apps.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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