What Does It Require To Build A Calendar App

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There are some days when it becomes tough to deal with the time because of the hectic lifestyle and increase in the number of tasks and meetings to finish for work. In our day to day lives, we all use many mobile apps to easily and efficiently finish our tasks, or actually, we can say that we are becoming app dependent, from ordering our food to find a perfect match for ourself we all use mobile apps.

While utilizing these apps we all have somehow seen and used the in-app calendar. There is no doubt that it is easy to use an in-app calendar but when it comes to developing a calendar app it is quite challenging and complicated to develop and integrate an in-app calendar. 

Let’s discuss how to design and build a calendar app. Moreover, we will outline the tools, technologies, and features that are required to develop a calendar app.

Industries that required an in-app calendar

As the in-app calendar accelerate the functionality of the app and serves a fantastic user experience. The calendars app has different interfaces, good visual design, and good filings. The implementation of the calendar is to help them manage their meeting and schedule them before their meeting called off. These are many industries that required in-app calendar are

  • Traveling 
  • Logistics
  • Educational apps
  • Messaging apps
  • Streaming apps
  • Health & fitness apps
  • Parking apps
  • Even discovery apps
  • Real-estate and rental apps

Technology Stack Required to Develop the Calendar App

Programming Languages Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS)
Database MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Webserver Nginx
Frameworks  Express, NodeJs, Python and Django, PHP and Laravel, Ruby on Rails
APIs Apple EventKit, Google Calendar API, Microsoft outlook calendar API


Tools used to develop generic calendar API’s 

  • SuperSaaS API – For scheduling online meetings, sending reminders
  • Calendarific API – To add public holidays
  • Nylas cloud calendar API – have features like scheduling, reminders, and others.
  • FX calendar API – add information regarding future finance events.

Libraries to Develop a Calendar App

Develop a calendar app for the android platform

  • Cosmo calendar
  • Event calendar
  • Agenda calendar view
  • Slycalendar view
  • Customizable calendar

Develop a calendar app for the iOS platform

  • CalendarLib
  • Calendar
  • CalendarKit
  • MBCalndarKit
  • JTAppleCalendar
  • FSCalendar

Develop a calendar app for the web platform

  • jQuery UI
  • Kendo UI
  • iCalendar
  • Webix
  • Calendarize

Features required in a Calendar App

Setting Reminders

The calendar apps aids to set reminders to prevent users from missing their meetings and deadlines. This feature is an advantage for an online calendar as compared to the paper one. 

Scheduling Tasks

Schedule your tasks and meeting and add them to the calendar event app, when you complete those tasks mark them. This will prove to be a great time-saver as it will reduce the demand for forth and back among team members.

Time Block

The calendar app is all about boosting your productivity and efficiency. The time block feature will definitely help you in this. Schedule your timing to work on necessary projects as they allow you to complete them in these blocks and avoid the other persons to schedule their booking in that particular slot.

Booking slots

If you are one of those who work part-time as a freelancer with restricted office hours, booking, and scheduling their meeting from the online calendar app makes it easy. Take specific timings of a day and share it with others who are connected to this meeting. This is how you can book your slot and inform others too.

Recurring Events

Frequently meetings, appointments, and events are quite normal and in this case, online calendars will assist to easily schedule your recurring appointment or events. 

View Notifications

Get the notifications from the new bookings to the call off your meeting, you can explore all the activities that are related to the users from the time they start using the app. 

Resource management 

For managing and including all the particular resources in your calendar and assign them fast to book the favorable slot. Irrespective of the number of employees, devices, streamline all the meetings using this resource management feature. 

Contacts’ Availability

The calendar app is always there to help and show the availability for the invitees as per the scheduled events. Hosts of the event can simply convey the invitations to the invites with the date, timing, and venue. The app will automatically revert for the queries so no back calls, texts, and emails would be there.

Sum up

Developing a normal calendar app and integrating it does not seem complex. You can make this app more innovative by adding more interesting features into the app. For developing a calendar app you can freely contact the top mobile app development company that has years of experience in building web and mobile app solutions.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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