What is the Difference Between Wireframe, Mockup, & Prototype

What is the Difference Between Wireframe, Mockup, & Prototype-byappsinvo.j

For the designing of user interface and user experience, there are three very common terms Wireframes, Mockups, and prototypes. But I have experienced that many people get confused in these terms and not aware of how they can be used to create a better design. This article will explain the difference in the details and aid you to understand when a wireframe mockup and prototype should be used in the design process. Some relevant terms are rendered to make this whole top understandable. 

Difference Between Wireframe, Mockup, & Prototype

What is a wireframe

A wireframe is a rough sketch of the design of the app or website you are going to design or you can say it is the initial stage of the design process. It is usually not so colorful. It is full of some gray lines, boxes, placeholders to build the product. It is perfect to use the wireframe for instilling the brainstorming ideas at the early design stage. 

Why it is so important

Wireframe aids to simplify the design process and many benefits. Let’s see some factors that make it important 

  • Low cost: The cost of making a wireframe is directly proportional to the cost of a pen and paper and if you want to use wireframe too you can use free tools.

  • Fast to build: To build a wireframe you do not need any software you can easily draw your ideas by using the pen and paper. All you need to pay more attention to the details.

  • Easy to communicate: Wireframe reduces barriers while communicating with your team members. It is also a good way to show your design ideas to the clients. 

What is Mockup

A mockup is all about the static wireframe with a better user interface and visual details. If a wireframe is a blueprint of the app or website, a mockup is similar to the real model of the app or website. It renders the more realistic experience to the client and stakeholders. Mockups are good for collaborating, discussing, communicating, and iterating projects with your team members. 

Why it is so important

There are some benefits of using the mockup let’s see what points make it important

  • Better communication: mockups shows the rich project details that do easily for you and your team to communicate easily and discuss something in detail.

  • Easy to understand: It may be quite difficult for clients or stakeholders to understand the wireframe but the mockups make it easy for anyone thought its better visual appearance.
  • Easy to test: mockups are much closer to the final products. They are good for preview, finding errors, testing, and iterate them. 

What is Prototype

A prototype is a fully functional and interactive mockup with a high-fidelity user interface, animations, and interactions. The prototype is acted as a final app or website. It is best to use the prototype to test the potential app issues before moving ahead to the development phase. 

Why it is so important

Here are some simple but important things you can do with a prototype.

  • Find potential problems: To find potential problems to make a better user experience, you need to explore the user interface more deeply. You can also pay more concentration to the functionality and usability test.

  • New Design Ideas: a fully functional and realistic prototype will help to create a foundation for the new design ideas. When you are testing your website or app prototype you maybe figured out something better solution or a new idea to fulfill the users’ requirement.

  • Entice More Clients: while representing the ides to the clients or anyone else, a prototype is a thing that can provide personal experience and it is much more worthy that wireframe and mockup. A  prototype is perfect for the business to represent their product or services that help to entice more clients. 


If you want to develop a project from scratch, there is no way to skip the design. Try to be on the safe side and go with the wireframe, mockup, and prototype. The risk of going things in the wrong will be lower and the chances of developing a high-quality product will be high. We are a business that helps clients by saving their time and money through our design and development services. Our work speaks through our visual designs.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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