Tips to Build Efficient Wireframes

Tips to Build Efficient Wireframes-byappsinvo

For making the design project, there is no doubt that you want to dive deep and put your creativity in your work. But before finalizing the design you need to start with wireframe and some helpful tips that will help you to make efficient wireframes for any app or website. 

What is Wireframe?

The wireframe is the must-have step in the development of the user interface. The wireframe is simple that aids to design the UI of an app or website. It has often a black-and-white display of how page elements will look on the screen. By making a wireframe, the design team can get the idea of the expected website or app and how it will look on the particular device. 

Tips to Build Efficient Wireframe

Begin with User Research

Before commencing the designing wireframe, do some market and user research that will help to make your wireframe more impressive in a great way. You can also take some suggestions from surveying social media platforms. Jotted down all these data somewhere and use it while making the wireframe. 

Make it a Collaborative Process

Try to make the wireframe process collaborative, after the help or suggestion of the designer tries to add a content writer or accessibility expert that will help to make your wireframe an ideal place to collaborate. 

Consider Agile Methodology

Agile methodology has been a staple in the world of software for many years and it is expanding around the globe. Agile is known for its people-centric quality. By using agile methodologies, designers can make a user-oriented design that will later help in testing and diminish the errors. 

Maintain Consistency

Before working on the wireframe be clear about what you want to include in it or whatnot. Try to keep the same design of every wireframe page of your product like fonts, spacing, black-and-white colors, the shape of buttons, or conversion. Try to be consistent with the design of the wireframe you create. 

Set a deadline

For building a wireframe, time would not be a factor and UX designers & professionals could take weeks or months to design a wireframe. But this can not happen that is why setting a deadline is to complete the first copy and the final wireframe is essential. It becomes important when you are working with the client because you have to send the reports for their approvals. 

Use Colors

Using bold colors in the wireframe is usually avoided because wireframes are used for leading the design of your app or website. So try to keep the wireframe clean and simple as much as possible. Although using the color for some special things like Call to action, buttons, menus, etc. it can be helpful to differentiate the imperative elements. Make sure you use the colors to show some purpose. 

Use real content

Lorem ipsum is known as the dummy text and has been using around the web for ages. This dummy text can be helpful in the early stages of designing, but for the final design, you should use the real content. Try to work with the content strategist or writer, with this you will not only design the page but also structured what will the reader read the content. 

Save come copies

When you make some little change in your designed wireframe always make a copy whether you make the change from feedback or from identifying a potential hurdle to avoid. Here in this stage you can make changes and save the copy of the wireframe and see how your wireframe is growing. And you have learned more about the service, product, client, users, and more. 


Do not be afraid to step outside and ask for feedback whether from your team members or anyone from your staff. You can also ask the professional group by sharing your wireframe and if there is no security concern then also share it on social media platforms so you also get some feedback to the users. It is a valuable way to make the change as per the suggestion that will give a new touch to your app or website. 

Test your wireframes

Just like beginning the wireframe from the user research in the process of building wireframe. The user should be considered in the last stage before finalizing the design and move to the further step. By testing your wireframe, you will get an idea of how will the user use the outcome of your app or website design. This will aid your team to continue learning something new and also provide valuable insights to your client. 


The fundamental key when it comes to wireframe is to try to keep it simple. The aim to design the wireframe is to identify the page elements, navigation, and the flow of information that the users will experience when they use the app or website. When you are assured to take your wireframe to the further steps and want to give a digital touch, Appsinvo is there for you. We are here to build unique designs and great concepts while keeping the gesture guidelines in mind that make your app or website quaint. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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