Technologies are Used to Build a Fitness App

Technologies are Used to Build a Fitness App-byappsinvo

Staying fit is not a new normal for human beings but the ways of staying fit are changing over the years. A new wave of fitness technology is emerging and the introduction of new tracking devices. In a study, it is shown that the fitness tracker is surpassing smartphones. As per the report, the wearable technology market is expected to grow by over 1.1 billion by 2022. 

The tech device that is quietly sitting on your wrist will tell you how much calories you burn, sleeping quality and time, when you use your brain and body most, and many more. There are many fitness apps around the world that aid to live a healthy lifestyle. In a study, it is found that the person who uses the fitness app is more active as compared to the non-fitness app users. 

Tools & Technologies to Build a Fitness App

Health graph: Through this tool, users can easily save their fitness and health-related data on the cloud. 

Fitbit: By using this tool in their fitness app, app developers can easily interact with the Fitbit data in their apps. 

Strava: This is basically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts in the fitness app. This is basically for motivating the users to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Lumo: This API renders access to the fitness app developers use the fitness-related information from the lumo back & lift. 

Withings: This tool is well-known for connecting the tech innovations and amazing designs in the fitness app or devices globally. Developers can easily access the tool by just registering themselves as Withings developers and render amazing features without incorporate the quality of the app or device. 

Shimmer: it is known as the first open-source fitness data integration. It renders the users a stronghold on the digital information related to fitness. 

Google Fitness API: the Google fitness API is an open-ecosystem that is full of a lot of facilities that allow the users to automatically store their fitness-related data. 

MisFit: this urges the developers to instill several tracking features like activity tracking, sleep tracking, etc in the fitness app or device. The device saves the sleep log to the google spreadsheets so users can get the weekly summary of their physical activities. 

Garmin: It renders the needed tools to encourage the developers to build quaint wearable devices for the users. 

BMI Calculator: This calculator helps the users to measure their body mass index.

FoodSpex: This tool is the best for those who are looking for comprehensive information about the nutrition intake and value of the food products. This tool mainly renders information about the barcode, nutritional content, fat, calories, etc. 

Measuring Tools Used in a Fitness App

Here is the list of few measuring tools that are used in the fitness app

GPS: GPS helps in tracking and navigation. This is a must-have measuring tool in any fitness app or device that helps in running, cycling, hiking, etc. if your fitness apps are unable t use GPS, it will be a major drawback. 

Bioimpedance Sensors: This sensor will help the users to measure their heart and respiration rate. And these sensors use the resistance of the body tissue to electric current.

Accelerometer: The name describes everything. This meter helps to measure the speed. This tool measures the data like speed, calories, cadence, distance while cycling, swimming, trekking, and other physical activities. 

Barometric Altimeter: this tool is used for measuring complex physician activities like trekking, rock climbing, etc. it measures the altitude of the user by measuring the atmospheric pressure. 

Skin Response Sensors: This skin sensor measure the alters in the body temperature due to the physical activities it also calculates the heart rate. It also helps in tracking the stress level. 


Fitness apps are the new trend and it is emerging as a new essential trend for us. The market of wearable technology is emerging as the days are passing, so as the competition growing. The time when you decide to participate in this cut-throat competition, you need to make sure that you should use the right and proper technologies and measuring tools in your fitness app that will help to build a fitness app. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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