Points to Raise User Retention Rate in the Payment App


The expansion of the technology has taken lead to the accelerate in the usage of the cashless transaction as people are finding it more secure and easy. The market is full of digital payment apps right now because of the awareness between the people and the digital payment took hype because of the coronavirus. 

Here every organization needs to understand that a high number of downloads is not the only significant thing that should be used to gauge the success and popularity of the app. According to the researchers, only 32 percent of the users return to the app after downloading it.

Future of Digital Payment App

The digital payment industry is expecting to grow at 33.8% and it is expecting that the market size will increase up to $4574 billion by 2023. For instance, the demonetization that held in 2016 takes place a significant role in enhancing the usage of digital payment apps. 

From all the payment apps, Paytm emerged as the biggest gainer and it has the largest market share of the total digital payment apps in India. For improvement in user retention stays always the priority for the success of the app on the app store. 

An experienced mobile app development company not only help in the rapid growth of your digital payment app but will also provide enough measures to improve the user retention rate. It is high time to dig deep and understand the important points that will improve the retention rate of your payment app. 

Ways to Raise User Retention Rate in the Payment App

Improve the first user experience

Businesses should understand that if they deliver a great onboarding experience to the users, the retention rate can increase many times. A great onboarding experience will allow the user to accept your digital payment app better.

We all know that a good onboarding process should allow crucial things like registration and adding a wallet to the payment app easier. If you are experiencing the great benefits of the digital payment app at the start, it will play a crucial role in turning your customer into loyal ones and develop a long-term association with them.

Aim on retention 

If you have plenty of app stickiness, the user retention rate will rise positively. On the other hand, when users reduce the number of interactions with the digital payment app, to improve the user experience, you only need to consistently monitor and analyze the change in the customer behavior and after that decide a plan to re-engage them proactively. The analysis will assist you to monitor the retention rates of different segments of your digital payment app. 

Not forcing app engagement

Nowadays businesses should understand that users involved in the natural app engagement are more likely to stay than imposing your app on the users. For gaining sustainable revenue growth, it is necessary that your targeted customers meaningfully engage with your digital payment app.

Always try to keep an active note about the users’ activities and whether they are going down early without getting through the cart that might be the early signs of a customer churning out from your app. 

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that the digital payment app industry is on the hype and the competition is getting higher day by day. Thus it becomes necessary for the organization to observe the needs of the user, focus on them, and then came out with the user-centric mobile app.

At appsinvo, we easily understand the demand of the customer because of our vast experience in the app development domain. Therefore we are able to deliver exceptional digital payment apps that mark your presence in the market. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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