Differentiate Between White and Black Hat SEO

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Search engine optimization is also known as SEO, it is a kind of optimizing the web page practice to enhance visibility over the internet. In other words, SEO can be defined as the practice of making your web page rank as high as possible on the search engines. The websites that achieved a high rank on the search engine get more traffic and generate leads for the business. 

There is no doubt that in SEO and content marketing cut-throat competition is also there. Therefore to beat this competition and make yourself stand out from the crowd, experts try many tips and tricks to get the top rank on the search engine. Basically, these techniques are divided into two major practices – Black hat SEO & White Hat SEO. in this blog, we will see the difference between both of them so let’s dive into the article.

Difference Between White & Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is a practice that assists to rank the web pages and websites higher on the internet without infringing the rules and regulations of the SEO defined by Google. In simple words, you can say that white hat SEO is a legal and ethical method to rank your webpage or website high on the internet. Let see the techniques of the white hat SEO

Techniques of White Hat SEO

Quality Content

Content is the king of the digital marketing world. This is the key that aids you to drive the traffic to your website and generate more leads and for this, you need to create engaging content for your readers. Creating quality content is one of the best methods to rank higher on the search engine. The SEO rating of your website increases because the users find your content relevant to his search. 

Relevant keywords

For SEO, Keywords play a vital role to make your website rank higher on the engine, and for this, you should use the keywords in your content which are mostly searched by the users for your domain. You can add primary and secondary keywords to your web pages and blog articles. Primary keywords are the main keywords and the secondary are the supporters of the primary keywords. 

Page titles and Metadata

Try to create the content that includes keywords in its titles and subtitles or apart from all this you can also add the mandatory keywords in the metadata.

Keyword Density

There is no doubt that the keywords are important for the web pages and articles and they assist to make your content relevant and get a higher rank on the search engine but it does not mean you overload the article or webpage with keywords. It may decline the authority and brand value of your website and affect your SEO rankings therefore try to maintain the keyword density in your content.

Inbound Links

In SEO, experts use the inbound links always try to create the ethnic and authoritative inbound backlinks, it needs time to create the links, but these will boost your website traffic and authenticity. 

Page loading time

The loading time of your webpages has an impact on the SEO ratings. So make sure your webpage does not take time to load than usual because it can affect your search engine ranking. 

Black Hat SEO

This SEO practice is the reverse of white hat SEO, this means that black hat SEO is known to violate the rules and regulations of the SEO practices to get the higher rank of your websites and webpages on the search engines. We should avoid such kind of practices, let’s see the techniques of the black hat SEO.

Techniques of Black Hat SEO

Keyword Usage

As the name says, this is all about to stuff your content with the keywords there is no limit to add the keywords to your content. This will help to get a higher rank for your website in less time. 

Meta Keyword Usage

Adding keywords in the meta tags, page titles of the web pages are very common in the black hat SEO. such kind of practices will not improve the brand value of your website but affect the website in a negative way. 

Irrelevant Content

Releasing bad or irrelevant content is also comes under the black hat SEO. Plagiarism is the biggest example of black hat SEO. due to the advanced algorithms, Google not only detects the duplicate content but also rank your website lower. 

Final Thoughts

So after reading this article, we are sure you get an idea about two different types of SEO practices, now it will depend on you which you would like to follow. We hope you find this blog worthy and informative and helps you to differentiate between the White and black hat SEO. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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