How to Select the Right Technology for Web App Development


There are every kind of mobile and web apps around us, when it comes to choosing the right technology for developing a web app, it becomes the most tedious, confusing, and necessary task. Because just design the app as best as possible and develop a flawless functional is not sufficient, the select the right technology platform for the web app is also crucial. It helps to develop a stable digital product that will not only impress your clients but also assist your business to earn more profits. 

We understand that when you are developing the web app for the very first time, it is good to aim at the pricing model of your product, business concept, and planning strong marketing tactics but apart from all these things it is imperative to focus on choosing the right technology for the web app development. And for this, you need to depend on the technological suggestions for the development. 

We consider that you must have a comprehensive awareness of the technologies utilized in web app development. In today’s blog, we will tell you some points that help you to choose the right technology for web app development.

Infrastructure of Web App

The web app is a kind of app that you do not need to install on your device, you can access it online through a browser on the device. The user does not need to download it on his device to access it. The infrastructure of the web app is divided into two parts

  • Webserver
  • Coaching system
  • Database

Basic Components of the Web App Structure

A web app structure is basically divided into two components:  frontend and backend. Let’s see both of them in little detail.


This end is also known as client-side programming that includes everything that a user can see. It aids to make the interaction with an app via the actual presentation layer. The main components of the frontend are

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • AJAX


This end is also known as the server-side programming that users the logic behind the ways a site functions. In-short backend is the technology in charge of the communication between the client and server-side and every component within the backend. So, let’s see some conventional programming languages and their significant frameworks 

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Golang
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript

Select the Right Technology for Web App Development

Complexity Type

The complexity of the app is the first thing that must consider when you are developing a web app. Technology is a kinda tool that assists to develop a web app, therefore it becomes crucial to understand what is the level of complexity of your app and choose the right and relevant tools for it. The level of the complexity is divided into 3 parts – simple, moderate, and complex. After diving into your app complexity you can decide the toolset that offers benefits for your web apps.

Project Size

After identifying the complexity of the app, now it is the time where you have to find the size of the project. There are 3 levels of the project size – small, medium, and large. With the increase in size, its complexity also increases and this also impacts the choice of the right technology for your web apps.


The security and privacy of the apps is the hot topic of the IT world. Nowadays, it is not feasible to provide total protection and security from hacker attacks. To make your web apps safer and secure selecting the right technology for web app development. If your web app highly relies on the client data, make sure to assess thoroughly the protection means to apply on the technology you select. 


If you have planned for a quick web app development, consider using the technology tools you select for your web app that cannot scale effectively. You can scale whether horizontally by including the physical machines or processing units to your database or server.


Untested or broken code can be the biggest error in your web app development process. If you want to save your time in testing, you can use the technologies that help you to test your web app easily. These technologies are helpful if you have a prototype with appropriate structures of interactions and components clearly described.


This is the last and imperative factor for web app development. For your web app maintenance, the technology you are selecting is the most important thing because it will help you to maintain your app without much hustle.


After reading all this, choosing the right technology stack is a challenge but you should pick the right technology as per the need of your web app. Do not depend on the old or time-proven technologies, here you need to be realistic and consider all the pros and cons. A wrong decision towards technology can lead you to a financial crisis. The point mentioned above will help you to select the right technology. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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