Factors Affect the Cost of Mobile App Maintenance 

Factors Affect the Cost of Mobile App Maintenance-byappsinvo

After spending months and hours of effort and time in developing an app and seeing the app going live on the play store or app store give you a mind-blowing feeling. So if you are one who is thinking that just developing and deploying an app and marketing it to entice new customers and your job is done, you need to rethink about it. After developing a mobile app successfully, you need to maintain, and maintenance costa you little more. However, improper app maintenance costs you more, so it is important to understand what factors affect the cost of mobile app maintenance. 

Why app maintenance is necessary?

Keep your Focus on the app maintenance will help you in the long run. Maintaining an app is necessary as each app on the required for surviving in this cut-throat competitive market. Points like performance requirements new device launches, popular design, a new operating system launched have some purposes for having an app maintenance strategy before starting the development process. So it doesn’t matter how many features you have added in your app, you always need to maintain it. 

Factors Affect the Cost of Mobile App Maintenance

Here are some factors that affect the cost of mobile app maintenance while keeping the expenses of maintaining an app. 


There are many tools like Google analytics that offers lots of data to help you to make the right decision. From the data, you will get the reports of your answers and can track user usage. Free analytics tools are available out there but the advanced ones will give you more precise info. Analytics also helps to solve issues like crashes, bugs, and other glitches. 


You need to pay the database and backends of your app to perform well. There are several hosting alternative platforms like a cloud-based environment. AWS is one of the cloud services that cost you less like you just pay for your usage. These require less set up and maintenance costs of the server. 


A third-party app is something that offers your desired services through another platform for that user need to pay for it monthly. 

Bugs & Updates

Technology is emerging day-by-day so as per that updates are imperative for every app. Updates always come up to fix the bugs and issues. For that,  need to go to the store and check the description and you will find the required updates there. These updates cost depend on many factors. 

App Security

App security is one of the other essential things that are imperative that you must budget for. You need to think in 2 areas that legally imposed changes and ongoing security optimization. To ensure you won’t put sensitive user data in danger developers that will require to track all the privacy updates of the third-party integrations.

Client Support

If you really want to successful, listen to your users. Try to address and fix every user complaint. So try to hire a dedicated person so he or she can give the prompt response to the users and get good reviews. This will cost you a little more but not a lot. 


There is no doubt that focusing on the app functionalities after the release of your app is imperative but the maintenance of the mobile app is also important. When estimating the app maintenance budget, make sure to incorporate the infrastructural expenditures like hosting, third-party, or servers. Always keep in mind that developers, marketers, client servers,  QAs that helps to make your app more competitive for others. So make sure your app is giving its best, so the users will come for more and explore your app. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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