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There is no doubt that smartphones make our lives and complicated tasks easy which includes taking photos and doing video editing. There are numerous apps that are available for the iOS and Android devices to make the video editing more seamless. That is why there is no need to transfer video files to another device. In earlier days, video editing was not so simpler. 

There is no doubt that video content plays a crucial part in our lives. In a forecast, it is said that at the end of 2020, the traffic of the video on the internet globally will be 79%. In this blog, we will discuss the types of video recording and editing apps, features to consider in the video editing apps, and what should consider while developing the video editing app. And last but not least how much does it cost to develop a video editing app. So let’s start 

Types of Video Editing & Recording Apps

The market is full of many types of video editing apps and these apps are divided into the 5 main types

  • Video Recording Apps
  • Video Editing Apps
  • Screen Recording Apps
  • Apps for both video editing and recording
  • Apps for both Screen recording and editing

Points to Remember While Developing Video Editing App

There are many video editing apps that are available on the market and get huge success with their exceptional ideas and features. The app development is a lengthy and critical process that gives time to make decisions. To lessen the risk and provide an exceptional app, the points we are going to discuss will definitely help you while developing a video editing app

Establish your Idea

When you are at the stage of ideation for your app, there are many challenges you will face for validating your idea and build your product. The detailed research and study will help you to identify market demands and trends. The idea for the should be achievable and chances can be accomplished by conducting the market study and define the targets withing a final tenure. 

Decide the Targeted Audience

After validating your ideas, now it is the high time when you need to understand what kind of users will use your app and for whom you develop it. For this, you need to find users who are interested in using video editing tools. As it is a video editing tool we all know the users who are vloggers like tour, travel, sports, and more. Here you can target your audience on some points like location, age, interests, and income level. So decide your targeted audience. 

User-friendly Features

While creating an app, you should keep the app interface smooth and simple because nobody prefers lots of features and make the navigation busy and the same thing also goes for the app functionalities. A few instances of the robust features you should integrate into your video editing app

  • Adding many files into videos and images or both. 
  • Add audio and tracks effects.
  • Social media share features
  • Add trimming or frames the features.
  • Save video in many formats
  • Edit video during recording using filters and special effects.

Monetization Model

This is the next step where you need to decide the monetization model for your video editing app. There are many models available for monetizing your app but selecting a model is quite difficult. To make this easy, we will tell you some most popular models for your video editing app

Freemium Model – In this, your app will be free to download but users need to pay for pro features of the app

In-App Advertising – In this, your app will be totally free of cost, but users will see advertising.

Paymium – This is not so preferred model, your app is fully paid from downloading it to make in-app purchases.

Subscription Model – This is the most widely used model where your app is free to download and use but in every video, there will be your watermark and for removing it users need to may. 

Integrate Social Media

Having the option of using social media for accessing your app is the most vital component of the video editing app. When the user uses your app and loves using your app, they would definitely share it on social media. Therefore, it is a good idea to integrate the social media channel in your video editing app. 

Panel & Features in Video Editing App

Admin Panel User Panel
Admin Login Log in or sign up
Subscriptions & Coupons Management Create a movie or video
Manage Users Editing styles and theme
Manage editing themes and styles Automatic selection of videos or images
User-friendly dashboard Setting 
Upload customized music
Save the video or image


Advanced features in a video editing app

  • In-app Payment gateway
  • Real-time analytics and Reports
  • Add sound effects
  • Edit current videos
  • Stickers and filters
  • Combine fragments into a single file
  • AI usage

Estimated Cost to Develop a Video Editing App

The estimated cost of the video editing app development depends on many factors and will be defined by many things. Here are some factors that are considered and have a huge impact on the cost of the app development

  • The region or country of the app developer team
  • Manpower and the number of hours invested
  • Complexity and features of the app
  • Preferred platforms

After knowing the factors that affect the cost of the development let’s take a rough idea of the estimated cost, so building an MVP app costs you up to $5500-8500 if you hire Appsinvo, a top mobile app development company. For more in-depth detail you can easily contact us.

Final Thoughts

Shaping and editing a video for creating engaging content is becoming a basic part of our lives. The creation and editing of video on devices like tablets, smartphones become easy. By using some amazing video editing apps, businesses can also make exclusive video content for targeting their audience. So try to check out these apps and if you have any idea feel free to contact us, you will see our best shot. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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