How Does Artificial Intelligence Help World’s Top Real Apps?


Artificial intelligence is one of the most imperative innovations for our lives and this time. The technology has the potential to demonstrate the stupendous abilities of the scientific community in today’s world that build extraordinary technologies. Apart from all this, the implementation and usage of artificial intelligence in multiple domains has made our lives a lot easier. 

In 2020, artificial intelligence has taken the next step and entered into our daily lives to make it smoother. From ordering your food to the healthcare sector, artificial intelligence has already marked its presence and making impossible things possible. This is one of the reasons why artificial intelligence development and usage are fostering day by day.

Here in this article, we are pointing out some top real world artificial intelligence apps with the ways they are used. 

Top Real World Artificial intelligence Apps

Looking around you can easily get to know the presence of AI in many fields such as advertising, marketing, the tech industry, social media, and banking, etc. Let’s talk about the top real world applications of artificial intelligence. 


Marketing is a way to sugar coat your products to entice new and more customers. We, humans, are pretty good at sugar coating, but what if an algorithm or a bot is specially built for the purpose of marketing a brand or a company? There is no doubt that it would be a pretty awesome job.

Nowadays, when we search for an item on the eCommerce store, we get all the possible results related to the item. It is like these search engines read our minds. It is a matter of seconds, we get a list of all the applicable items.

An example of this is finding the right movies on Netflix. With the growing advancement in AI, it may be possible in the near future for customers on the web to purchase products by snapping a photo of them. Companies like CamFind and their rivals are experimenting with this already.

Banking sector

Artificial intelligence is growing faster than you think. A lot of banks have already embraced the AI-based software system to deliver excellent customer support and find anomalies and credit card frauds. The usage of artificial intelligence in banks especially for fraud prevention and to enhance the security across the number of business sectors involving finance and retail. 


When it comes to saving lives, a lot of organizations and medical care centers depend upon artificial intelligence. There are many instances of artificial intelligence that how it really helping patients all over the world using its ability. The best thing about AI in the healthcare sector is that you do not even need to develop new medicines. By using the existing medicines in the right way you can easily save lives.

Social media

Since social media become an integrated part of our lives and become our status, we have been creating a limitless amount of data through tweets, chats, posts, etc. wherever the abundance of data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are always present there. 

The social media giant Facebook used artificial intelligence for face verification and machine learning used to find facial features and tag your friends. With the help of this technology, the company discovers and banned more than 3 lakh terrorist linked accounts with the help of intelligent machines. 


Here is an amazing and daunting fact at the same time that is the world needs to grow 50 percent more food by 2050 because we have already eaten up everything. The only way this can be feasible with the have the proper resources and stay more careful. 

Artificial intelligence can assist the farmers to get more fruitful food from the land while using the available resources in a more sustainable way. There are many organizations that already initiated using automation and robotics to help the farmers to find new and efficient ways to save their crops from the weeds. 

Final Thoughts

This advanced technology is also fruitful in creating art and music. Artificial intelligence can write content for you based on your needs, as well as a human can. Therefore, the usage of artificial intelligence technology is numerous. With this being the case, it is essential for us to know precisely how they work.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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