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People are so hectic due to their lifestyle and in this distracted time, they do not have enough time for a book to give a read. Bibliophiles have nothing to worry about though, when they have audiobooks are there to rescue them. After seeing the huge success of Audible in the market, the revolution of the audiobook truly here. 

Audible is the subsidiary of Amazon and it is becoming the most popular platform for selling audiobooks. Along with the audiobooks, it also shares the podcasts, magazine, and newspapers in the audio format. The current collection of audible stands at a mammoth of 450000 titles and it is also growing fast. 

In a report, it is shown that the growth of audiobooks is 20% which makes this platform a creative business opportunity. There are many entrepreneurs who are showing their interest in developing an app like audible. This article will help you and tell you the estimated cost to build an app like audible.

Business Model for the Audible like App

The business model must be followed by the app like audible is quite distinct from the usual subscription models because it provides more choices for the users. Here are the basic and main two models for generating revenue from the audible like app

Subscription Model

An app like audible usually takes monthly subscription charges from its users and in return, it gives you access to go through the thousands of audiobooks that are available on the app in the form of podcasts, magazines, newspapers, and many more things. When the users pay the monthly subscription fee of the app, they will get one credit, that allows the users to buy any available title using the credit.

Audio Book Selling Model

This is the business model of audible is for selling the audiobook. In this business model, like any other online book retailer, the company also trades its audiobooks. Users will log in to the app and select their favorite title and pay for it and they will get access to the audiobook.

Key Features in the App like Audible

User Panel 

Admin Panel

Advanced features


Manage Subscription Variable Speed


Add/Delete Audiobook Integration with various devices

Play/Pause the book

Manage Advertisements Social Media integration

Background play

Manage Extra Content

Social sharing

Save for Later

Audio & Text Together

Newsfeed & Interviews with the authors

Push Notifications

Required Tech Stack to Develop an App like Audible

Mobile SDK Android, iOS
Real-time Analytics Big Data, Google Analytics, Hadoop
Location tracking Google Maps, Apple Maps
Notifications  Twilio, Push.IO, Map, Amazon SNS, AdPushup
Payment Integration Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, Ewallets, Ebanking, net banking
Cloud Storage Google cloud storage, amazon cloud storage
Streaming Protocol Microsoft smooth streaming, Apple HTTP live streaming, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming
Databases MongoDB, Hbase, MySQL, Cassandra
Media Formats MP4, MKV
Media Containers MP4, FLV
Messaging Firebase, Twilio

Estimated cost to build an app like Audible

The cost of developing an app like audible relies on lots of things. This list includes the number of app features, the complexity level of the app, functionalities, number of third-party plugins, and the country from which your app development agency held. While estimating the cost of the app like audible, you should also make a note of the cost of hosting the app, the cost of publishing the app on the play store, even the cost of maintaining and updating the app. 

After reviewing the whole it is not possible to find the exact cost but the estimated cost of developing an app like audible cost up to $8500-9800 or for more details you can contact our sales team.


If you reach till here we hope you get the idea of the development process of the app like audible. From the above points, it is sure that it will reduce the time in the development and hassles faced during the app development phase. You can easily build a world-class app using high-class expertise. This will save your time and obstacles to gather an in-house app development team. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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