How Much Does it Cost to Develop a File Sharing App

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a File Sharing App-byappsinvo.

We all have face problem while sharing or sending a large file to your friend. Here we tried all platforms like social media, emails, in fact, Bluetooth also but because of heavy file size either it takes a long time or the quality of the file will be distorted. So what you should do? Here is the file-sharing app that comes as a boon for us to share files wirelessly. 

This kind of app solves our issues regarding sharing the file with the other person within a few seconds and without compromising with the quality of the file. There are many apps on the play and apple store to share and transfer files but after the ban on the Chinese apps two most popular file-sharing app Xender and Shareit banned and India is also becoming vocal for the local so here is the right opportunity where businesses or individual can invest and easily deliver its services to the wide range of user base. 

So if you don’t know much bout the file-sharing app go and check our previous blog everything about a file-sharing app and this article will explain to you how much will be the estimated cost of developing a file-sharing app. 

Features of the File-sharing App

There are some basic features that should be in any kind of file sharing app and these features will make your app easy to access and user friendly. So let’s see these features that should be in your app

Upload: this feature help the users to upload their documents on the app as per their choice with different tags so later they find them easily. 

Manage: This feature aids the users to easily manage files and searches with the help of different filters. 

Encryption: it is securely shared and stored the important files encrypted into the app. 

Location Sharing: this allows the users to easily locate one another their so the users can share their files in the set premises. It also maintains privacy. 

View Files: this helps to preview and views the files format like PPT, Doc, Image, Video, mp3, etc. 

View Activities: This feature aids the users to quickly overview the activities in the app and the files shared with the other. 

Potential issues with the file-sharing app

Alike other software, File sharing apps are also harmed or influenced by various issues that can be from internally (fault in software design, some technical glitch, etc) or externally (fraudulent use or access to files). Here are some examples 

Security: file-sharing apps are becoming the most helpful and most commonly used technologies for the cyberattacks by the individuals or by professional hackers. So it is very important to ensure the security of the file-sharing app and the data that is sharing on the app. There should never be a second thought with the security of the app. This confidentiality and loyalty of the app decide the success of the app and earns the trust of its users.

Technical Skills: business professionals have the knowledge of various degrees how and why, so they can easily understand everything, for the novice can not understand the knowledge of file sharing and could be a little complicated to cope up with. After this data control is also a challenge such as keeping the track of shared documents. That is why minimal requirements should be on the app that brings them all at the same place. 

Copyright: there are enormous files are sending on the file-sharing apps and it will be plagued with the copyright issues since both non-technical users and hackers are liable to do criminal activities, 

Estimated Cost of Developing a File-Sharing App

The cost of the app development depends on the many factors like app developer company geolocation, expertise, app features, the platform that opt for the app, app integration, app size. The estimated cost of developing a file-sharing app depends on many factors and our team is highly experienced and familiar with the latest technologies and the requirements. The estimated cost of a file-sharing app $5000-9500, for more in-depth details you can contact our sales team. 


For sending the file quickly and safely, a file-sharing app is the best platform in nowadays. There is numerous file sharing app out there that are beneficial and useful. So if you want to develop any file sharing app, the Appsinvo team is always there for you to make your app unique and innovative.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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