Microsoft Teams Desktop App Gets Support for Spatial Audio

Microsoft Teams desktop app gets support for Spatial audio
Microsoft Teams desktop app gets support for Spatial audio

According to Microsoft, Bluetooth headphones that can connect to a PC via USB and provide stereo audio on calls can use Spatial Audio in Teams.

Microsoft is making spatial audio available for its Team desktop software on Windows and macOS. Because of spatial audio support, this new feature makes your Teams calls considerably more pleasant to the ear.

Spatial Audio is able to help Teams users in perceiving the location of each participant in a meeting and making it easy for users to keep track of who’s speaking by making them sound spaced out. Each member will have a separate position depending on their screen position.

This is really useful if you have a meeting with a large number of participants and want to know who is now speaking and when numerous speakers are speaking at the same time.

To enable Spatial Audio for the desktop version of Teams, go to Settings, then to the ‘Devices’ page, and and switch on ‘Spatial audio’.

While Spatial Audio can be activated for wired headsets and laptops with stereo speakers, Microsoft believes that Bluetooth-based earbuds and headphones will not operate with the feature ‘due to protocol limitations,’ but new Bluetooth devices with stereo LE Audio support may.

Wireless headsets that connect to the computer through USB and offer stereo playing during phone calls, on the other hand, can be utilised with the new functionality.

If you activate the Live Interpretation mode, Microsoft warns that the audio from the main floor and the interpreter will be heard at the same volume from different directions. Simply off Spatial Audio to resolve this issue.

Microsoft announced an updated user interface and an enormous number of additional features earlier this year, including integration with Microsoft Loops, dynamic animation backdrops, Teams Premium powered by GPT, and a tonne of Snapchat lenses.

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