Pandemic & Tech Trends of 2020: Complete Rewind


This year-end is approaching, when this year began no one knows how it will end. Like every year, innovations in the technology domain are unleashed in an expeditious way but due to the coronavirus outbreak, technological progress and businesses required to gracefully espouse the digital transformation in a style we have never seen before. 

This pandemic brought an unsteady economy and the transformation in the industry sector, it uncovers the technology to improve our society frontward. As the year is nearer to the end, it is mandatory to have a glance at the future signals where technology will move to the next level.

Emerging technologies have lead businesses to the advancement and implementation of digital transformation over the decades. In this article, there are some of the trends that shaped the way we worked this year and live for the upcoming years.

Let’s take a look at this article to know what are the tech trends we used this year and will follow in the upcoming years.

Tech Trends of 2020

Demand for AI

Artificial intelligence has kept on enhancing operations for various organizations. Data, AI, and machine learning have assumed an unrivaled part during this COVID-19 period. There are many organizations and businesses that are benefiting from Artificial intelligence as cloud computing is consistently enabling access to foster software development, computer power, and architecture. It is intimated that 45 percent of companies utilize artificial intelligence and increased the total cost per customer. 

Embracing Remote Working

Working remotely utilizing video conferencing has seen exponential growth during the COVID-19 pandemic and it will keep progressing in 2021. Due to the remote working Zoom has experienced huge growth in 2020.

There are many big companies embracing remote working due to COVID and attending the ultra-modern video conferencing and remote work. There are many initiatives are taking in the domain of remote working to interact, create and share content, train your employees, track projects, run, and make virtual teams.

TeleMedicine and TeleHeath is thriving

If we compared the pre-pandemic level, telehealth has increased by 50 percent and technology assumes that 70 million Americans will use telehealth by 2020. In 2021 telehealth, artificial intelligence, and biotech will support the machine learning chances in health advancements, diagnosis, management work, and robotic health care. 

Non-contact delivery and shopping

Contactless shopping and delivery of your parcel are the new normal. There are many restaurants, eCommerce businesses that are providing drop-off delivery options that are supposed to be born out of customer preferences to reduce physical contact. These non-contact delivery options are to keep on with to do so in 2021. 

5G infrastructure

The demand and requirement for high-speed internet and the move towards well-connected homes, autonomous mobility, and smart cities has no doubt pushed the advancement of 5G internet technology. The development of 5G technology will allow smart city projects worldwide and patronage the autonomous mobility sector in 2021.

Final Words

This year which is moving towards an end and still in the grip of the pandemic and the COVID-19 may or may not end in 2021, but we have to learn to live with it and sometimes entirely change our lives. We hope this article will firstly help you in a better way in every circumstance. We will update you with the latest technology trends in 2021 which have the greatest potential for your business to achieve massive victory.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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