PUBG Mobile Introduce its Lighter Version in India



  • PUBG Mobile LITE is available for low-end smartphones in India.
  • Features of PUBG Mobile Lite.
  • Comparison of PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile LITE

If I asked you which game do you love to play on your mobile over the last year, the obvious answer from the majority of the people would have been PUBG Mobile. And it is easy to see why it looks like a game ported from the console, plays like a game from the console and it is absolutely free to download.

pubg mobile_lite_by_appsinvo

And now the best part is you could play this game on a phone that could start from as low as Rs 12,999. Was there anything wrong with it? NO.

Over the year PUBG Mobile the only game that everyone wanted to play it even those who have a low-end smartphone.

To keep this point in mind PUBG Mobile created company Tencent games launched PUBG Mobile Lite in India. It is a toned-down version of the massively popular PUBG Mobile that requires at least 2GB of RAM and 2GB of onboard storage to run the game with version 0.12.0.

 The game has been built with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.


The creator is aiming to capture more players for the game by launching this PUBG Mobile lite which brings down hardware requirements by sacrificing certain parts of the game.

In this blog, we will take a quick look at the features of the PUBG mobile lite and its comparison with PUBG Mobile.

Features of PUBG Mobile Lite

There are some features of PUBG Mobile Lite you should know, so let’s start.

Device Compatibility

PUBG Mobile Lite is optimized for phones with less than 2GB of RAM. PUBG Mobile Lite promises high-quality graphics and HD audio with 3D sound effects. 


Number of players and Map

PUBG Mobile Lite features a smaller 2km×2km Erangle map which can accommodate 60 players. The duration of matches in PUBG Lite is 10 minutes.


PUBG Mobile Lite will expose shooters within the mini-map’s range. Also, players can heal themselves as they’re moving. PUBG Mobile Lite will also have higher building density and loot frequency. New weapons will be available only in select modes on PUBG Mobile Lite.

 pubg1 by appsinvo.

Enhanced Aim Assist

With the all-new auxiliary aim assist, in order to make aiming simpler and comes in extremely useful while playing in weak network environments. The intensity differs between the crawling and standing positions, simplifying the control while preserving the unique PUBG MOBILE experience.

Bullet Trail Adjustment

In the list of features, PUBG MOBILE Lite featured increase bullet speed and no bullet drop effect, for a clearer shot which is specially made to account for weak network environments.

Extended time to kill

In PUBG Lite, the time to kill has been extended which would enhance players’ survivability during the firefight and urging aggressive game.

Comparison Between PUBG Mobile VS PUBG Mobile Lite

Now its time to take a quick look of comparison between PUBG Mobile VS PUBG Mobile Lite:

Hardware and Size

As we already know, PUBG Mobile requires a minimum of 2 GB ram but it is not with PUBG Mobile Lite, it requires less than 2 GB ram to run. 

If we talk about the .apk size the PUBG Mobile Lite is around 400 MB after installation its apk file size is 600MB and PUBG Mobile is around 2GB after installation its apk size is 2.3 GB.

Number of players and Map

PUBG has always been known as a 100 PvP game. But that changed with PUBG Mobile Lite it has 60 players which makes a total of 15 teams instead of 25 teams with 4 players in each.

Talking about the maps, PUBG mobile has lots of options for maps like Erangle, Vikendi, Miramar, Sanhok along with several other arcade modes like war, etc. in the case of PUBG Mobile lite, there is only one Erangle Map available.

Pass and Graphics Setting

PUBG Mobile lite has something called Winner pass instead of royale pass in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Lite doest has the option to manage graphics settings from the settings like PUBG Mobile have.

These are the main points that we have discussed in this blog. For more other interesting topic blogs and news stay connected with us.


  1. thanks for providing this good article about pubg’s lite version for mobile. after reading your article I’m really happy that now those peoples are also playing who have low-end smartphones. once again thank you for this informative article.


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