Reasons Why Users Uninstall Apps From Their Phones


In the year 2009, 2.52 billion mobile apps were downloaded and this number is boosted to 268.69 billion in the year 2019.

It feels great to see that the number of downloads swells rapidly in a decade.  

But in a study, it is stated that 80-90% of all the installed apps are used once and then uninstalled after 30 days by the users.

There are many reasons that may attract users to install the application, wondrous features, smooth UI and substantial utility are some of the reasons.

A promising app finds a great number of users within a short span of time, it may behold an immense number of downloads.

Loose lips sink the ship and lose guidelines of the app marketing, development, and designing push users to uninstall the app.

Many app entrepreneurs don’t know much about the reasons why users uninstall their apps.

In this blog post, we jotted down some points and reasons those will help you to save your app from the uninstall and accelerate your number of downloads.

Reasons why users uninstall Apps


Doesn’t Delivered As Promised

Users install applications to make their life easy and convenient. It is very essential to recommend your app with precise words. 

The app design needs to be intuitive and simple that lets users learn the app faster.

If the key features of the app are tough for the users to access them, users would find the alternative of your application.

Technical Glitches 

The great performance of the mobile app is very important. The performance of the app can be improved by the take care of the technical glitches of the app.

The greatness and popularity of the mobile app are determined by its stability and robustness.

Users’ interest will be degraded if your app is full of bugs and get more reports in terms of its performance.

Lack of Updates

If you have the gaming app, it is very important to deliver regular updates otherwise the gaming app will tend to little boring for the users.

A trill will be add in the app if the new levels and mission element will be delivered to the users.

If you don’t add new features in the utility app, users will go with another alternative where he gets more features.

Too many Advertisement

Monetize your app is good but doing this at the cost of the user interface is not a good deal for your app.

If the screen is full of advertisements, it will leave the user frustrated and he will uninstall the app and will look for another alternative.

App Freezes

In a survey, it is found that if the app failed to work only 79% of users will try once or twice while 21% of users try more than twice.

Torpid performance is one of the causes for users to uninstall the app from their phones.

Therefore, it is very crucial for your app to be tested and bug-free in terms of performance.

Collect Personal Information without Consent

Users are not being comfortable to provide excessive personal data. It would be great if your app will take only required personal information.

Because users will not think once to uninstall your app if it took personal info without user consent.

Sucks Too Much Battery

Drain the battery of your phone because of your app will also be the reason of your app uninstallation.

The user never tolerates an app if it consumes more battery and takes more time to load than usual.


As an app entrepreneur and app developer, keep the above-mentioned points are important while developing the app.

After all, the aim of mobile app development is to stay long in the users’ phones.

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