Progressive Web Apps- A New Trend of Mobile App Development

Progressive Web Apps- A New Trend of Mobile App Development-byappsinvo

The Internet also becomes one of the basic amenities and we do surf all day on the browser of our laptop, phone, or tablet. When you surf a website the website asked to add to the home screen and after clicking on yes, users can easily use the website from their home screen, users experience the same on the smartphone also. Now here is the twist, would you like when your app install in your phone directly from the web app without going to the app store? Or how would you feel when you can access your app without the internet connection? 

Progressive Web apps can deliver all these features, it is like a website very similar to a mobile app. PWAs are consistently achieving the attention of the users. There are many brands like Starbucks, Twitter, Pinterest, and many are using the PWAs and they experience vast user engagement when they opt for PWAs. In today’s article, we will know more about the progressive web apps its features and the reason that makes it the future of web apps. 

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps are web apps that exactly looks like native mobile apps. For delivering a native and rich app like a consistent experience to the customers, Progressive web apps are best that influenced modern web strategies. Progressive web apps mention the dynamic updates that aids to implement effective and innovative features like splash screen, push notifications, background sync, offline mode, and caching. 

Why PWAs are the future of Web Apps?

Many companies are started embracing progressive web apps for the fast growth and gain efficiency of their businesses. There is no doubt that progressive web apps are the future of web apps and the reasons for it are

  • Cross-platform access
  • High performance
  • Superfast speed
  • Flawless integration
  • Native app flexibility
  • Offline Access
  • High client engagement
  • Easy to fix bugs and errors

Features of Progressive Web Apps

Boost User Engagements

We have surf many websites in a day and we have seen a dialogue box on some websites that have two options of accept and deny where you have to click as per your choice. If you click on the accept button, the website will give you updates about it when you are not using the website. Now here is the interesting thing, this process helps the website to boost user engagement, and likewise, progressive web apps have also the same feature. Through this users can access the app directly from their home screens. 

High Security

We all the cyberattacks are increasing day-by-day and due to that our privacy distress is the topmost distress in the IT world. The user’s sensitive and valuable data can not be protected by using the HTTP. this is the reason why the webpages are moving to use HTTPs that helps the progressive web apps more secure and trustworthy. Today, clients are also like to use any secure source that keeps their personal and confidential data safe. 

Flawless Website

Progressive web apps are developed using the new and latest technologies and referred to as service workers. PWAs are programmed web intermediaries that reside between the client’s tab and the most extensive web. These intermediaries will render reliable and prompt stacking as per the network connection. Therefore it gives the flawless experience while surfing to the web app and diminishes the loading time.


The function of the progressive web app makes it responsive because it works on every screen size. PWAs are suitable to work on various platforms and super adjustable over numerous devices whether it is a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, desktop, etc.  


While the development of the progressive web apps developers use the improved development tools and guidelines that make the PWAs are less expensive than the native apps. Despite all this, progressive web apps will provide information confidentiality, security, zero app complexity and it provides cross-platform apps at an effective cost. 


Progressive web apps can easily be stored by a search engine that is why they are SEO-oriented and simple to enhance its SEO guidelines. PWAs delivers some benefits for client visibility and acquisition. 


Progressive web apps depend on the devices the clients’ use as per the network interface. Therefore if the users have no internet connection still he can use the app for the record data in the offline mode. The data storage diminishes the dependency on the network and delivers high-quality user experience. 


Progressive web apps allow users to get a prompt response to the action they perform. While surfing a website, if it is taking more time than usual to load, 50% of the clients will not prefer websites. After opening the webpage, users want a fast and impeccable response with consistent navigation, fast responding connectivity, and minimum scrolling. 

Final Words

Progressive web apps are imperative to stay ahead in the cut-throat competitive market. There are many reasons for the success of progressive web apps in the digital world. There are many issues user experience while using the native apps like high data usage, the development cost, internet connectivity, storage space, and others. But with the progressive web apps, all these issues are eliminated and deliver flawless client experience, high accessibility, cross-platform availability, low development cost, and many other functions. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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