Top Mobile App Development Using Angular Frameworks


Mobile apps have many frameworks to create the best apps and angular is one of them. There is no doubt that Google is involved in it. Angular is a fantastic framework for creating efficient and feature-enriched single-page web apps. This framework has gained popularity recently instead of having the arrival of new frameworks, its popularity has not slowed down.

This blog focused on some of the best features in the angular framework apps while delivering a seamless and smooth user experience. Therefore, we have listed down some popular apps that are developed using angular frameworks. The scope of the angular apps has vast and diverse functionality. Angular apps are robust as they are versatile and offer super-fast and top-notch performance & UI/UX design. 

What is Angular?

This framework is preserved by Google and used for developing robust web apps. This open-source Javascript framework aims on improving web-based apps with MVC potential. This will make it faster to test and develop. This open-source framework allows you to widen the HTML vocab and syntax to show your apps concisely and clearly. This framework was developed by Google in 2010, therefore, it is known as one of the oldest app development frameworks. 

Features of Angular you should know

There are some different and unique features that app developers will choose for app development. Let’s have a look at them

Low Code

The best thing about the angular framework is its developers do not have to write long and extended codes to do the job. This is the reason behind why developers are preferring this framework. Angular is used to decline the coding not having to code separately to connect MVC components than many other front-end technologies. 

Command Line Interface

This is one of the top command-line interfaces in the industry providing advanced features that will decrease javascript fatigue and automates the development processes. This framework assists developers to avoid the configuration of all dependencies.


This is the most challenging feature in the angular frameworks web apps. You can make personalized HTML tags serving as custom widgets using directives. App developers also use this characteristic to embellish behavior-driven elements. 


This one renders you a smooth experience for the app developers and it is the top choice for front-end development. It is super-efficient in finding errors and lessens development time. This feature naturally populates the root file arrangement for easy organizing. 

Component Development Kit

This is a top front-end language that has been improving its component development kit with updates. This leading feature of angular is providing virtual scrolling and refreshing. The virtual scrolling lets you the better loading and unloading of elements to develop a long list of high-performing data.

2-way Data Binding

This feature notably reduces the app development time as the view and model layers are in synchronization. If there are any changes you make to the model layer it will quickly reflect in the view layer. This will let you make modifications easily. 

Top Mobile apps using Angular Frameworks

There are many mobile apps that are used and still using the angular frameworks for the development


This is all about mobile app development using angular frameworks. If you are planning to develop an app for your business to seek the right app development company to do so, you can get in touch with our expert team at Appsinvo and share your ideas. 

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