Ways to Make Remote Meetings Productive & Effective

Ways to Make Remote Meetings Productive & Effective-byappsinvo

Before the lockdown, we all engulfed by the meetings, rushing for the meetings and we have been facing and familiar with all those circumstances. But at this time we all have gone off the track in this pandemic situation. 

Now everyone is working from home it is the high time when you need to make sure your business keeps afloat by making your online meetings are productive, efficient, and collaborative. We are here to make your remote work more productive and efficient by making the remote meetings fruitful. We are providing you the ways to make remote meetings productive and efficient.

Checklist of Effective Meetings

  • Decide if a meeting is required or not.
  • Assign a Meeting Leader
  • Test technology
  • Be flexible 
  • Let everyone speak

Is it necessary?

This is the foremost point before conducting the meeting. You need to consider the question that is it necessary to make this meeting and for that, you need to consider some points like

  • Can you replace the meeting with the email?
  • Can you replace individual project updates by weekly biweekly roundups meetings
  • Connect with your other team members so they get the followups and the status of the meeting.
  • Also, share the meeting status with the other team members who were unable to invite.

Make a meeting Leader

Whenever a meeting decided always assign a meeting leader who makes sure the meeting will go smoothly without any hurdle. The meeting leader ensures that the meeting meets its goals and passes the main agenda of the meeting, share meeting notes with other persons so they get the followups. 

Give time to Speak

We all are familiar with that kind of meeting where other workers take the chance to do all the talks and others never get a chance to say anything. Don’t repeat the same thing with the remote meetings. Give time to your other team members to share what is going on in their minds, their ideas about the work, or just catch-up. 

Flexible Meetings

In this time our employees are working remotely from their home and they are dealing with the additional stress and responsibilities. It is necessary to schedule the meetings as per the convenience of your workforce or you can set the fixed hours of meetings so those who are parents of kids don’t get panic and do their other tasks as per the meeting timing. Also, you can give the opportunity to your employees that they can exit from the meeting anytime they need.


As time is changing, we should be adaptable according to the time, and this time we need to make changes as per the situation. These are interesting and changing time and we all are together in this situation. The above-mentioned points will help to make your remote meetings more productive and effective. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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