How to Develop A Stock Trading App & Its Estimated Price

How to Develop A Stock Trading App & Its Estimated Price-byappsinvo

During the pandemic phase, there has been a huge demand for the different on-demand mobile apps that helped a lot of people from ordering food or groceries to investing their incomes through online finance apps. A few years earlier, people are afraid to invest their sweat and blood-earned money into finance like stock trading. 

Therefore, it becomes quite tough for the stock traders to consider the people so they would like to invest in the stock trading market. But over time, people started believing in them and now when it comes to investing in the stock market they would highly prefer the stock trading mobile app. 

For business purposes and persons who want to have high revenue must get into the stock trading app development. So are you also interested in investing in the stock trading industry? But before stepping into this industry, you must need to know about all the details of the stock trading app development, features, and costs. So let’s dive into the article and grab the information.

What is the Stock Trading App?

In the current scenario, mobile websites and apps have made the approachability of services and products easier for consumers. These solutions, stock trading mobile apps are also for the convenience of the people so they find it easy to use. The stock trading app allows all the users to have things under their control for the whole time. The reason behind the rise in stock trading app development is the people’s increasing interest to invest their money where they get eased out opportunity. 

Top stock trading apps in the market

Before directly jumping to the development of your stock trading mobile app, first, let’s take some references from other well-established stock trading apps in the market. Analyze your already existing competitors in the market and try to put up things that your opponents are not providing into their apps. So let’s see some of the widely known and used stock trading apps in the market


This stock trading app allows users to invest in stocks and funds without any commissions. The monetization model of this app is to accumulate the interest from the users’ accounts. 


This is the second highly used app among the users as a stock trading app. This app is already filled with heavy features.


This app is an electronic trading app that permits not only trade assets but also common stocks, mutual funds, futures contracts, etc. some services are free and come are chargeable.


This app is a social media platform where investors, traders, and entrepreneurs share their thoughts and ideas. It is a kind of social platform for investors. 


It is a social trading app platform that lets the users not only invest but also interact with the traders. This app is considered to be the original idea of the stock app development. 

Monetization strategies of stock trading apps

There are many app development companies that are offering stock trading app development services so the businesses can accelerate their annual profit and earn huge income. But here is the question that how this app can earn more or keep it using for free to the users. Here are some monetization strategies you can also implement for your stock trading app

  • In-app ads
  • Paid membership
  • Selling products
  • Transaction fee
  • Early alerts to users

Essential features of stock trading mobile app


This is the kind of menu section where users or investors will find everything they are looking for like their order status, watchlist, balance, holdings, charts, etc. Here users will find every type of information easily they are looking for. 

Market data collection

Here, investors will get insights about the trending stocks in the market with the suggestions that an investor requires. This feature will help the users to know about the stock performance and invest their earnings in a fruitful way. 

Investment portfolio

The stock trading apps will let the user generate their investment portfolio to assist them in investment. The automated algorithm will help the users to invest automatically. 

Secure login

Having a secure login in the stock trading app not only makes your app safer but also helps the users to easily fill their data without any hesitation like their phone number, email ID, social media accounts, etc. 

Effective filtering

By adding this feature into your stock trading app will only allow the verified app traders to find the stocks with the help of the sorting option. The information collected from the investors is recorded for the assistance in future.

Stock trading working

This is the method through which all users will be interacting with the stock trading app. The entire working procedure like holding, purchasing, and selling the funds will be a stress-free task.

Manage transactions

It is a necessary feature that can influence the cost of developing the stock trading app. This feature will help you to record your transactions from your account. This feature will help you to do it in a more secure way. 

User profile management

This feature is mandatory as it let the users edit their profile in the app as per their ongoing interest in stock trading. 

Push notifications

This feature will help the users to get regular alerts about the stocks.

Payment options

This app will have in-app various payment options like internet banking, Credit or debit cards, UPI, PayPal, etc so you can easily buy or sell your stocks hassle-free. 

Stock analyzing

It is fruitful for traders and investors to utilize this option for search availability in a stock trading app. This feature will help the users to search trending stocks and their market rates. 

Estimated cost to develop a stock trading app

This is the right time and grabs the opportunity by creating your own stock trading mobile app. Now the most imperative question arises here, what would be the actual or estimated cost of developing a stock trading mobile app. So the cost of the app will depend on the features and technologies you are using in your app but an estimated cost of developing an app will be $6000-$9000. For more detailed information, feel free to contact our sales team, they are always available for you.

Final thought

If you are planning to develop a stock trading mobile app, there are many opportunities for your app to succeed. The team of mobile app development professionals at Appsinvo a top mobile app development company in Canada  will help you to turn your concept into a fully functional app that will meet the demands of the customers.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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