Top CMS Platforms for Website Development in 2021

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In this tech-savvy world, we all are engulfed on the internet whether it is for personal needs or for the business purpose, we all are dependent on the internet. With the help of the right content management system, it becomes easy to create traffic for the website.

However, it is essential for businesses to choose the right and best content management system platform for website development in 2021. But before diving into the world of content management system platform, let’s dive deeper into the businesses and websites.

There are more than 80 million users that are relied upon the websites to browse various businesses and their services. But what is CMS or content management system? 

What is CMS?

CMS or content management system is the one that assists in managing the website for business where they can easily edit, update, and delete the content. The admin of the website can easily manage, modify, and publish its content on the websites and web pages.

CMS is the easiest way to manage the content without having proper and deep technical knowledge. In simple words, it is possible to build and maintain the website from the beginning without the need for any single code.

There are many user-friendly and easy-to-use content management system platforms like WordPress that are used to manage the whole thing on websites like uploading images or videos, update content, etc. without having any technical knowledge.

Top CMS platform for Website Development


This is one of the major CMS that is thriving in the website development industry is WordPress. 35% of the internet is covered and powered by WordPress that is available in more than 60 languages and is free to install. There are also more than 55,000 free plugins that are available on this platform that make the website experience even better. The best part of this CMS platform it is SEO friendly that assist marketer to work accordingly to deliver high-quality and affordable experience.


Drupal is one of the most considered platforms in the CMS platforms that is completely personalized and platform taxonomy system. This platform is a great way to outshine the competitors and make a huge impact on the market with the right platform usage. Drupal is a platform that works best if you have hired the best and experienced professionals that know ways to implement all its features.


Magento is taken as one of the topmost content management systems that is suitable for eCommerce development. This platform is one of the best CMS for eCommerce that operates well for the optimal shopping experience and improve the content flow. The key features of this CMS platform are personalized features, PWAs, and Drag and drop builder. 


Having the integration of the cloud-based hosting, Shopify is becoming a great choice between the website developers to manage the content, especially for eCommerce. This content management system platform contains various choices for the users to design, build, and develop the store online easily with having core features. The key features of this platform are third-party access, templates, an integrated payment system, and third-party channels.


SaaS content management system is another form of a platform that many companies are using as the best content management system platform for the dropshipping business, eCommerce startups, and even the giant companies. The key features of bigcommerce are templates, marketing platforms, and payment integration.

Final Words

This is the topmost content management system platform that you just need to know for the website development that can offer help in an open-source and free service for the website. You can definitely say that the content management system is basically used to deliver stability in the business world with the touch of advancement and ease to use. So it is essential to choose the right CMS platform for it and grow in the right direction. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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