Things You Should Remember While Developing an App Like Signal


In the last few months, when WhatsApp is in the news because of its new updated privacy policy there is another app that started gaining new users and popularity that is none other than the Signal messaging app. You must think about why it is gaining popularity and people are talking about it? What is special about this app? To burst all your doubts about this app, we are here you elaborate you what kind of app is this and things you should keep in mind while developing an app like Signal.

What is Signal App & How does it work?

The instant and secure messaging app is a signal that was built on the current textsecure and RedPhone apps. This app was built in march 2015 by the open whisper systems. This app is available for android and iOS users to free of cost and maintains interest only from donations and contributions. 

What makes the signal app different from the other top mobile app developers is the event that the source code of the signal app is available on GitHub for everyone so those who have any doubt can review and test it for safety reasons. The signal app allows to send of encrypted calls and text and it can be performed from anywhere across the globe. The signal app has encrypted messaging that is guarded by end-to-end encryption.

What is the importance of a secure messenger?

Most of the instant messaging apps in the market are using end-to-end encryption. This encryption process includes a server, the sender’s device, and the recipient’s device. The message is sent from the sender’s device through a server to the recipient device and in this duration, the message is in encrypted form on the server. Without having encryption, when the sender sends any message until received by the recipient, the message can be read by anyone and become treated as plain text. To convert the plain text into cyphertext or encrypted you need end-to-end encryption in your app.

The meaning of end-to-end encryption is there is encryption codes are collected at both ends for instance on the user’s device same is on the server so no one can read the message except the recipient and sender, not even the service provider can understand the message. For hacking these encrypted messages, a hacker has to access the user’s tools and the service provider server that is not easy. 

How to build a secure app like Signal?

There are some points that you need to keep in while building or developing an app like signal so you can ensure your users that you render them a safe and secure platform to chat.

  • Since 2014, the signal app has been in the corner as the other apps. It takes more than 6 years for the signal app to gain its place in the market and in these 6 years the signal app team fix optimization, bugs and they leave no option to experience any glitch.
  • These kinds of apps have years of user experience and knowledge and all their examined characteristics are experimented by the users.
  • In the messaging app, users saved their years and years of chat and discussions and it won’t be able to move easily. So the messaging app-like signal has to arrange it for the users until they show their trust in your app.


If you are also planning to build or develop an app like the signal, you should consider that the app should be encrypted. If you believe that your app idea can render value to the users and fulfill their demands, you should give it a try. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy 

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